Tamina Says WWE Fans Couldn’t Handle A Reunion With She And Nia Jax

Could the WWE Universe handle Nia Jax and Tamina reuniting as a duo once again?

Tamina doesn’t think so!

The women’s wrestling star recently spoke with TMZ Sports for an interview, during which she spoke about Nia Jax’s return to WWE in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, as well as the possibility of a reunion between the two.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where she touches on these topics with her thoughts.

On a potential tag team reunion with Nia Jax: “Bro, man, I don’t know if people can handle that if sis came back and me and her tagged up. I don’t think people can handle that because that’s a whole nother thing. Because, you know, we’d be going to, no, we’d be running through it all. I mean, you know that sis is freaking awesome. We got the laughs and the giggles.”

On Jax’s Royal Rumble return: “It was awesome, it was great having her back and everybody had a good time. Everybody that was supposed to be in that Rumble was in that Rumble and it was awesome. Every single new girl, every single person that was there. That’s the kind of spirit and love you want in a locker room, you know what I’m saying? That’s what helps make magic.”

Check out the complete Tamina interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.