Tasha Steelz Claims Jordynne Grace Doesn’t Have Real IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Tasha Steelz recently took part in a virtual signing with the Asylum Wrestling Store.

During the signing, the IMPACT Wrestling Knockout spoke about the circumstances surrounding her Knockouts title loss, on bringing a replica title to Slammiversary so she could keep the real one at her house.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the appearance where she comments on these topics with her thoughts.

On how it took a match with six-women for her to lose the Knockouts title: “It actually took six women to take my title away from me. I just want to let everybody know that. I’m gonna say that again. It took six freakin women to — that damn Mickie James. It took six women to take my title. It was Gail Kim. She made the match. She is supposed to be a manager, okay? She is supposed to be a manager. She is supposed to be fair to everybody.”

On revealing that she brought a replica title to Slammiversary and has the real title at her place: “Mickie James had to be the enforcer. What kind of enforcement puts their hands on people? Who does that? Then, I had to compete with four other girls like this is just — it was just too much. It was stressful. I had to call my therapist the next day and let my therapist know all the stress that was put on me. My title got stolen. I’m gonna have to pop up with the real championship. I think they gave Jordynne Grace a replica. Because I didn’t go down there with the real belt. I went down with a replica. So, you officially have a replica of the Knockouts Championship. I have the real title in my house You thought you were going to take my title from me? No. Enjoy the replica.”

Check out the complete interview at Facebook.com. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.