Taylor Wilde Reveals She Was Set To Return To Impact Prior To Covid-19 Outbreak

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Taylor Wilde recently spoke to WrestleZone where Wilde revealed she was set to return to her former company prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out highlights from the interview below.

Setting her return date to Canada so it would be easier for her: Truth be told, because I have quite a history with the people who work at IMPACT, formerly TNA, it was like a tryout situation for the both of us. I know I love wrestling and I’m excited to get back in the ring but it’s been a long time. So, to make sure it’s something I really wanted and if I was really into it it would have gone from there. Then there’s the simple fact that I’m Canadian and these are American dates, so there’s a lot of paperwork that goes into that. So Windsor, it all seemed like a good fit.

Says she could have traveled as an essential worker but didn’t want to miss work and have quarantine from the virus: When they opened, although I could travel as an essential worker, the problem being is I would still need an American work visa,” Wilde said, “and compounded with that I am a frontline worker. I’m a firefighter and dealing with a vulnerable community. If I were to travel I would then have to be quarantined for two weeks and miss two weeks of work. It was something that on all angles, did not make sense.