Taz Criticizes WWE for Using the Term “Banger” to Describe Matches

Taz has a retro mindset and is obviously against some of the slang that today’s youth uses, particularly the word “banger.”

The term is currently popular among young people and is frequently used in pop, rap, and club music. As many of you are aware, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are currently using the term in their pre-match promos.

Following SmackDown, the AEW commentator took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the phrase, writing, “‘banger’. Good gosh I hate that term so f**king much. ‘GREAT’, ‘AMAZING’ or ‘AWESOME’ is more than fine. If I was still doing my podcast I would do a WHOLE show on that word….than BAN IT. #HateThatCornySh*t”

You can check out his complete tweet: