Taz Responds To Fan Criticism Over WWE Comment

Taz shot down a fan on Twitter who said WWE saved his career. The fan first responded to a comment on Taz accusing WWE of running a “sloppy shop” on this week’s Dynamite and said it was unnecessary. That line was related to WWE’s CoronaVirus testing and positive tests.

The exchange went like this-

Fan: “I agree to a point. #TAZ might be correct but IMO it’s an unecessary jab to a company that saved his career after wrestling & prepared him in a career of announcing. If Taz never had the opportunity to announce he may never of had his podcast & other gigs over the years.”

Taz: “Saved my career??? Lmao, NO! They gave me opportunity (which I appreciated & accepted) but you NEED to understand…that’s a 2 way street. I was supplying them with a need & providing my services. They did that to capiltize on $ invest in me & they NEEDED a new fresh voice.”