The Great Muta Discusses His Retirement and How He Would Summarize His Career

Keiji Muto, also known as The Great Muta recently spoke with Fightful in an interview covering all things pro wrestling.

Here are the highlights:

What it means to have fans excited to see his retirement tour:

“After I made my decision to announce my retirement, I feel that both my mind and body have become lighter. I am sure that NOAH, with its current momentum, will be the best for my final match, and the path to that stage. I am determined and ready to run through that rail with all of my strength until the end. I hope to share the moment of my final match with as many fans as possible.”

His success both as Keiji Muto and as The Great Muta:

“The Moonsault Press helped me make a name for myself in Japan. I started to use this move when I was younger, and I think this was the key element for my success. The Great Muta made a name for himself in the United States. But Keiji Muto and The Great Muta are like two sides of the same coin. Muto will get jealous when Muta is successful, and it goes the other way around when Muto is successful. The rivalry between them made things work out in the end, I think.”

How he’d summarize his career:

“I have fought with more wrestlers in the main event than any other wrestler in the world. Inoki-san, (Hulk) Hogan, Fujinami-san, (Ric) Flair, Choshu-san, Sting, Tenryu-san, Maeda san. This world is so big, but you can’t find anybody but me who has fought with such great wrestlers. I look forward to sharing the moment, the legacy I have with everyone for the rest of my final road. There is not much time left, but I hope all can enjoy Keiji Muto.”