The Hardy Boyz Relinquish The SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Hardy Boyz are no longer SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Matt and Jeff Hardy announced tonight on SmackDown LIVE that they have to vacate the titles because Jeff is injured.

In the storyline, Jeff’s injury was due to Lars Sullivan attacking him after winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on the April 9 episode of SmackDown LIVE.

Jeff said he needs surgery and that he’ll be out of action for a long time. Jeff also said that it isn’t the end of his journey since he plans to come back better than ever. His speech led to Sullivan confronting them in the ring and taking out Matt with the Freak Accident. R-Truth made the save for Jeff, but Sullivan laid Truth out with a running powerbomb.

Dave Meltzer reported last week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jeff sustained an injury on April 20 at a WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Meltzer, Jeff may have injured his right knee.

WWE has yet to announce how the next champions will be determined.