The Justin Credible Report – Darren Young, WWE SummerSlam, Raw, 9 Months Sober & More

Hello everybody, and welcome to The Justin Credible report exclusively on What a week for the WWE. Summer Slam is in the books, and there is so much to talk about. First leading into the PPV in LA, Darren Young comes out to TMZ that he is gay.

As you know WWE got a ton of free mainstream press heading into their second biggest PPV of the year. I’m happy for Darren, and I applaud his courage. On the other hand, there is no way that this was just a spur of the moment statement. I have been told that this was carefully thought out, and Darren and the WWE had this planned the whole time. There is just no way that Darren was conveniently asked that specific question and he just happened to decide now is as good a time as any to come out.

I believe it was carefully orchestrated. That being said WWE benefits from the free press, and Darren does as well. He is now out, he is a pioneer, and he is now somewhat in the mainstream consciousness. It’s a win, win, situation, and WWE couldn’t have bought that kind of good publicity.

SummerSlam was what I expected. Both main event matches where good. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena went down just like I had predicted. Randy Orton is back as a heel, which serves him well. I like what they did, and now with Cena talking time off, because of his elbow, they have a built in Orton vs. Daniel Bryan feud. I also like how the McMahons now have a corporate champion in Randy Orton. Should be interesting. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar was off the charts good. I loved the intensity of these two men. They exceeded my expectations, and I already had high expectations for the match. Well done. I like the finish of the match. The feud is not over by a long shot. CM Punk, Brock, and Heyman working together is money. The rest of the show was what you would expect. Nothing bad, just nothing really stood out. That’s the only thing I would criticize about the PPV is that the undercard felt like I was watching Raw.

I enjoyed Monday Night Raw last night. CM Punk segment with Heyman was great. I like where they are headed with Punk looking for revenge on Paul. I also really like Curtis Axel. I hope they give this young man a more prominent role on this feud. The Randy Orton, WWE title coronation was a great way to end the show. I know a lot of fans are upset that Bryan didn’t get a shot to run with the belt, but a babyface like him is way better in chase mode.

Yesterday was my 9 month anniversary of being clean and sober. I really want to thank all of the fans for never giving up on me, and I also want to thank WWE. If it wasn’t for their wellness program, I would still be out there, and who knows what would’ve happened. I don’t have health insurance and could have never paid for it on my own. WWE is saving lives with this. At least they saved mine. Thank You.

This week on Pro Wrestling 101 my former partner Jason Knight had a lot to say about respect in our business, and how things have changed in the past 20 years. Jason doesn’t pull any punches and really goes off. I highly recommend this episode. A must see. You can watch this week’s episode below:

My twitter @PJPolaco blew up last night during Raw. I guess lots of people thought Los Matadors masks looked a lot like Aldo Montoya’s. I do see the resemblance. I just feel bad for those poor souls under those masks. Just ask Aldo.

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