The Justin Credible Report – WWE Raw Thoughts, Triple H & Randy Orton, CM Punk, Edge, More

Welcome back to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend here in the U.S.

WWE Raw continues to establish HHH, and Randy Orton as the top heels in the company. I liked the opening segment with HHH and Steph really cementing their roles as heels. HHH then set up Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show for the main event. Fast forward the Shield triple powerbomb Bryan while Show watched. HHH then ordered Show to knock out Bryan, and after much deliberation he did. Fans reacted with a “you sold out” chant, and Show left with HHH, and Steph. Then we saw the 7ft Big Show cry like a little bitch. All jabs aside I liked it, and Show did a very good job selling his emotions.

CM Punk, with kendo stick in hand, cut another awesome promo on Paul Heyman. Punk said he will get by Curtis Axel and when he gets to Heyman he will “break his face”. I’m actually starting to get sick of always having to put CM Punks work over. He seems to be on such a roll. Every time he is out in the ring he hits a home run. His feud with Paul Heyman is the reason I tune in every Monday night. CM Punk might possibly be the “best in the world” right now.

I really enjoyed Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes good action, good intensity. The heels are coming out really strong in the WWE, and that’s how you sell tickets, and PPV buys. I can’t remember the last time WWE focused so much on the heels. They are also taking their time. They are seeming not to hot shot anything. A slow build works, at least for this viewer. This Raw sold me on Night of Champions.

Every time that Los Matadors appear on WWE TV my twitter blows up with the Aldo Montoya talks, and comparisons. The masks they use are very similar to Aldo’s. I guess those 2 guys must have heat somewhere in the WWE. We saw where that went 15 years ago. Los Matadors if you need a manager, I know how to get in touch with Aldo, and I can hook you up. Next week Edge makes an appearance on WWE TV. It will be great to see him back for one night.

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I didn’t get a chance to watch TNA this week. I will try and catch up tomorrow. The Labor day holiday is always sow for pro wrestling, and pro wrestling news.

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