The Latest News On WWE Superstars That Are Missing From TV

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed what happened to WWE stars that stopped appearing on television and if Paul Heyman has any influence when it comes to giving them opportunities:

“He doesn’t have that kind of power right now. If he had power, yeah, I could see it. But he does not have that power. And Vince does not see anything in Aleister Black, or Andrade, or any of those guys that when Heyman lost his position. The only one that ended up not being completely f**ked was Shayna because I guess they like the idea of Shayna and Nia Jax so she got brought back. But pretty much everybody else, they’re with Bo Dallas in catering.”

“He’s there [Bo Dallas] and you know how they say ‘creative has nothing for him’? In his case that’s actually true. Usually when people say that it’s something else. I don’t know why he’s never been cut, they never use him. But, they didn’t cut him and they cut all of those guys that they cut in April. He’s still there, still got a job. No idea what or why or anything. Big mystery.”

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