The Miz Comments On Ric Flair’s Latest Surgery is reporting that Ric Flair has been discharged from the hospital and is said to be in good spirits.

TMZ interviewed The Miz about Flair’s latest health issues:

“I heard just like everybody else. I was actually overseas when I heard all that happened, it was going down. You get worried because, you know, he’s the man. Literally, growing up as a kid, you wanted to be Ric Flair and now I go out there in WWE and I wear a suit and I wear sunglasses because that’s what I grew up watching: Ric Flair. They always say like, take a little bit of your favorites and make it your own. And he’s always been one of them, so it’s good to hear that he’s doing well and everything’s okay. He just keeps fighting, man. Nothing can take Ric Flair down. Ric Flair has led the life like no one else has ever led. He’s such a happy guy like every time I see him backstage, literally is the nicest guy, saying, ‘Miz man! Woooo!’ Always giving a ‘Woooo’, you know? So it’s always good to hear that he’s doing okay. That’s what he’s grown up doing, his entire life, just always fighting. So now as he gets older, the great part that I always hear about him is that…you always hear stories of him partying, him going out, you know? And now it’s like, he’s taking it easy and actually taking care of himself. Every time I see him he’s telling me about how he’s eating right and he’s doing cardio, all that kind of stuff. Thank God for our doctors that can go in there and figure out what’s wrong and do their due diligence and make sure he’s okay.”

“Always be Ric Flair. You’re the best. No one’s better. You’re the GOAT. So keep fighting, keep doing well, and I’ll see you next time when you’re backstage and you’ll give me a good ol’ woo.”