The Miz Discusses His Decision To Do Miz & Mrs TV Series

In an interview with Collider, former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz talked about his decision to allow his day-to-day life to be shown to the world in the new Miz And Mrs TV series on the USA Network alongside his wife, Maryse. Here is what he had to say:

“We did the Total Divas, and they saw that amazing chemistry between us. They saw the way we acted with one another. I think this was three years ago, we were asked to do our own spin-off reality show. And I still had kind of a… I wasn’t bitter at reality, it’s where I came from with The Real World. The Real World Challenges were amazing. However, Hollywood, back when I was on reality shows, did not like reality shows. We were always looked at as no talent, as nothing, it was garbage TV, yada yada yada. And that’s sort of where I came from. It was always a bad thing. That’s where I was at three years ago. And then I started watching and learning and realizing that nowadays everything is a reality show. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

All the social media, I know what everyone is doing at any given part of the day. Then the fact that they came back three years later and said, ‘Hey, we would really like you to do this show, and not only that but you’ll have a say.’ Once I heard we could be producers, that’s when I, as well as my wife, said, ‘Listen, this is a no-brainer.’ We do what we want, when we want, how we want, and we’ll make this show what we want. We didn’t want to do a reality show, we wanted to do sort of a docu-series, where it shows what it’s like to be first time parents in the entertainment industry.

We didn’t want it to be called ‘unscripted’ or a ‘reality show,’ because sometimes I feel like when people see that they go, ‘Oh that’s fake.’ They’re judging it. And what I want people to think when they watch the show, and what I think Maryse thinks as well, we want you to watch it like you’d watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office or Modern Family. We want you to watch, enjoy, relax, take a load off and slip out of your reality and enter ours.”