The Miz Shares What Advice He Would Give To Younger Wrestlers As A WWE Veteran

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star The Miz discussed what advise he would provide to new wrestlers as a WWE veteran during an appearance on Busted Open Radio.

He said, “Sometimes you’re not going to have the main event storyline. It’s your job as a WWE superstar, that if you get one minute on Raw or SmackDown, you better make it a meme-worthy, talked-about-worthy minute. I tell this to all the younger guys, ‘my storyline isn’t here, I don’t have a storyline.’ ‘You have time on the show. If you have time on the show, you have the ability to connect with an audience.’ It sucks because one minute sometimes isn’t a enough time, but you have to figure it out, you have to, or you’re not going to make it as a main event. Once you start doing those one minutes where you make it meme-worthy, then it becomes two minutes and three minutes, and you get that main event storyline. Then, when the main event storyline goes away, you’re still able to keep yourself at that level. That’s what I’ve been able to do. I didn’t do that the first time I had the WWE Championship. When I had it, I had the main event caliber and was in every main event. Once I lost the title and the main event storyline, I couldn’t figure out how to get myself back into it until five years later. That’s when something clicked, and I was like, ‘this is how I do it, this is how I build myself when I’m not in the main event stuff, this is how I insert myself into something that is relevant and means something.’”

You can check out the complete interview below:

(h/t to Jeremy Lambert for the transcription)