The Miz Thinks World Title Matches Should Always Close WWE PPV Events

Just late last month, former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz spoke to Gorilla Position about various topics including why he believes all world title matches should close WWE pay-per-view events. Here are the highlights (transcript of Wrestling Inc):

World Title Match not closing the Backlash PPV:

“I was upset that the championship wasn’t [in the main event], it wasn’t that Roman Reigns was in the main event. It was the championship. When I look at championships and the Universal Championship isn’t there, I think the WWE or Universal Championships should be in the main event at all times. The reason being is that’s the most prestigious title, supposedly. It’s supposed to be the most prestigious and honorable title in WWE even though when I had the Intercontinental Championship, I made it that.”

Intercontinental Title:

“Whether I was on the first part of the card or the middle or the end, I made sure that title was showcased as the main event. When you talked about that match, man that’s the match that stole the show, that should have been the main event. So when I look at the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship, I think they should be at the end they should own the show no matter what because that’s just what I grew up to. When I was a kid those titles were always the main event because that’s the way it was, but now you have Superstars who are almost bigger than the titles. I guess you could say the man makes the title, the title doesn’t make the man that’s what I always say. So when I have another title it will be in the main event, and if it’s not I will strive my hardest to make sure that it is.”