The New Day Reveal List of Rejected Names For The Group

During their recent podcast, The New Day discussed names that were pitched to them by WWE when the faction was first formed. Here is the list:

Musical Names:

The Beat

The Tribe (Kofi immediately mentioned the racial overtones and why this was a bad idea. This is in line with why he never became King Of The Ring.)

Perfect Harmony

Healing Through Harmony

The Wonders

The Miracles

The Sensations

The Modern Marvels

Vibe & Vision

The Commotions

Trios Based Names:

Harmony’s 3

Trillogy (with two L’s)


KBX (Kofi Big Xavier) (WWE later recycled this idea for Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair’s stable by just using the first letters with PCB)


The House Of Light

The Triumph

The Beacon

New City

The Cause

The Voice (before the reality television show)

The Regulators

The House Of Positive Energy (HOPE)

House Of Purpose

The Calling (already a band)

Voices Of Triumph

The Prime (there was already Prime Time Players, but then it was revealed that they tried to put Titus O’Neil in The New Day at one point.)

The Charge

The Reach

The Concept

The Achievers

The Sentinels (They said they’d be fine with that because of the X-Men reference.)


Genesis (already a band name)

Born Again


Masons Of Salvation

The Congregation

The Advent



Exodus (Already a band)



All Mighty (later used for Bobby Lashley)

Modern Day Saints

The Sainthood

The Amen

Brothers Of Xavier


SOS (Saving Our Souls)

Million Man Ministry (Xavier Woods said “that is 300% making it a very racial thing.”)



Xavier Woods pitched By Any Means Necessary and the group pitched The New Way/The New Day with The New Day being chosen.