The New Day’s 2018 Super Spectacular, Rusev’s Celebration, Top 10 SamckDown Moments

— Last Wednesday as part of the USA Network’s annual WWE Holiday Week, The New Day hosted a fun look back at the historic, outrageous and unforgettable moments of 2018. Immediately following SmackDown LIVE, you can catch this special on the WWE Network.

The special, which is called New Day’s 2018 Super Spectacular, features appearances by Becky Lynch, R-Truth, and Carmella. Here is the synopsis:

“The New Day enters a magical realm to present WWE’s biggest moments from 2018. With appearances by Becky Lynch, R-Truth and Carmella!”

— Here is footage of Rusev’s celebration after winning the United States Championship from Shinsuke Nakamura Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE.

Rusev’s big win ranks at No. 1 in the top 10 moments from Tuesday night’s show.