The Person Responsible For Rey Mysterio’s Storyline With His Son

Rey Mysterio recently did an interview with Alex McCarthy of Here are a couple of highlights.

Hi Rey! First off, who was behind the captivating storyline with you, your son and Brock Lesnar? Fans were really into that, was that something you wanted, did your son pitch it? One might assume Brock was delighted to help you get your moment with your son?

“I think, to be honest, to give someone credit for all of that, it would be Paul Heyman. We have to give credit to the geniuses behind the curtain and the ones that come up with the storylines and whatnot. I want to say since Paul Heyman took over RAW, the writing team has given a lot of opportunities to names that weren’t being used and I think that has to do with a combination of Paul and his team that he works around.”

It seems like WWE has more Mexican talent now than ever before and the skill level is extremely high. Guys like Andrade have world title potential in the eyes of many, what is your take on the great talent coming out of Mexico right now and how WWE is jumping on it?

“Without a doubt [Andrade could be a world champion]. I see Humberto Carrillo, I see Angel Garza in NXT and a couple of other names that still haven’t gotten that right push yet, but it will come. It will come. This runs in our blood, it’s a part of our heritage and our culture. I truly believe Andrade could become a world champion. I would not back down one bit if he wanted a shot at the United States title either. I would give him an opportunity, just because I love to compete. I think the Latinos bring a great mix of wrestling into WWE that had been missed for such a long time.”