The Rock Speaks On WWE, His Movie Career, Brock Lesnar & More

Former WWE star and Hollywood actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called in to Opie & Anthony’s satelite radio show this morning to promote the release of his new movie, “Faster.”

Here are some highlights from The Rock’s interview:

– Johnson said he’s proud of Linda McMahon’s attempt to become a United States Senator.

– He said he loves being an actor and plugged his new movie “Faster,” which co-stars Billy Bob Thorton. He gave a rundown of the movie and mentioned that Brock Lesnar was his last opponent in WWE. He said he’s the accomplished actor he is today because he worked with great coaches early in his acting carer.

– When asked who owns the name “The Rock,” Johnson said he and Vince McMahon have co-ownership of the trademark. He credited his family’s long standing relationship with the McMahons as the reason Vince gave him co-ownership.

– Johnson shared some memories from the WWE Attitude era and said it was a really special time to be involved with wrestling.

– He spoke about Shane McMahon’s overseas business ventures and suspects that Shane has met with UFC president Dana White about working together. He said Shane always worked his butt of in WWE and will be successful at anything he does. O&A said Shane probably had no choice but to get involved with WWE due to his father’s influence.

– He said Brock Lesnar was very passionate about wrestling when he first got started but the travel broke him down and he ultimately said forget it. He mentioned that his last WWE match was against Lesnar.