AJ Styles Talks Shinsuke Nakamura & The WWE US Title (Video), The Titus Brand Segment On RAW

– Above is video from last night’s Talking Smack with AJ Styles talking to Renee Young and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan. AJ talks about how cool the showdown with Shinsuke Nakamura was during the Money In the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday.

Bryan asks if the moment made him want to switch his focus from the WWE United States Title to a match with Nakamura. AJ asks why both can’t happen – why can’t he be champion and still have the match. AJ says if he is the champion, that gives Nakamura something to go for and he sees the match happening sooner than later. AJ hopes he gets the next title shot from WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens because he feels he has a good chance to beat Owens.

– It will be interesting to see if Akira Tozawa finally signs with The Titus Brand on Monday’s RAW as Titus O’Neil says he has a big offer planned that Tozawa won’t be able to refuse. Last night’s 205 Live saw Titus try to finalize the deal with Tozawa but the cruiserweight didn’t sign. Titus offered him an extra 5% on Tozawa’s first merchandise deal but that wasn’t enough. Titus then said he will have an offer Tozawa can’t refuse on RAW. Below is video from that segment: