The Undertaker Along With Other Part-Timers On Internal Roster List For WWE Draft

WWE is gearing up for another Draft during the last week of August and first week of September this year. They have not officially announced that upcoming event, but reports have confirmed that an annual roster shake-up is on the way. There are many possibilities, but Brock Lesnar still doesn’t appear to be an option.

According to Ringside News, a preliminary internal list of Superstars was given out for the upcoming WWE Draft. That list included many names, even those who would not be called in the Draft.

We were told that “even ‘legends’ and ‘part timers’ like Goldberg, who is a part timer, and Undertaker who is not available for any individual brand, are listed.” The list is comprehensive, but as reported Brock Lesnar’s name is not on it.

This is when we were told that creative was informed that “there are no plans with Brock” and they’re “not even in discussions” to bring back the Beast Incarnate. There are plenty of options for the WWE Draft in August/September, but Lesnar is not currently one of them.

WWE is preparing for a return to live touring and that will soon be followed by a roster shake-up with the Draft. Many people are options at this point, and everyone is on the table, but don’t expect Brock Lesnar’s name to be called during this year’s WWE Draft.

Brock Lesnar doesn’t need to make a WWE return unless he really wants to. He has made enough money in his career that retirement is always an option for him at this point. There will always be talk of Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE while he is a free agent, but don’t hold your breath that his comeback is in the cards.