The Undertaker Comments On If He Has Anything Left To Do In WWE

The Undertaker recently did an interview with Extraaa Dhamaal of Sony Sports India. Here are the highlights.

Leaving WCW for WWE: “So, when I was in WCW, they basically told me that I was a great athlete but no one would ever pay money to see me wrestle. And I took that as the writing on the wall and that man (Vince McMahon) right there gave me an opportunity to become something.”

Being pitched the character by Vince McMahon: “When Vince presented that to me, he basically showed me The Undertaker. He gave me the name and he showed me the storyboard and the drawings of the character. Immediately, I was mesmerized. I was like, this is so different from what anyone else has done, just visually. Not even getting into the character aspects of it. Then when he kind of gave me what he thought The Undertaker was, I was like, yeah, I like it. I like it a lot.”

If he has anything left to do in WWE: “You know, I don’t think so. I think the legacy is there and obviously I want that legacy to not be tarnished and that was part of the reason for finally trying to call it a day. It becomes more and more of a physical challenge to go out and perform at a level that people expect when they come to see Undertaker. My career, I’ve more than exceeded all my own personal goals and never would I have imagined having a 30-year non-stop career with the WWE. I mean, in our world that just doesn’t happen that often, to stay in one place for that long and I’m very proud of that fact that once I got to the WWE, I never left and all my dreams, all my goals, I’ve reached and now it’s time to make new ones. New goals and then to pay all my experiences and my knowledge in this business and to try and pay it forward to the guys that are coming up behind me. I think that’s kind of where my next goals are oriented towards… the next generations of sports entertainers.”

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