The Undertaker Gives His Thoughts On Omos and Omos Responds

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, The Undertaker said the following about Omos:

“The biggest thing for him, and it’s funny that you mentioned him because I’ll say this, there will never be another Andre. But this guy is as close as we’ve come. I mean, and that’s a big statement. Absolutely. But he’s special, almost as special.”

“The big thing for him to know and to realise is that he is special and that he’s different from everybody else. There’s nobody — the average size of the wrestler, in general, is smaller than it was. So here’s this guy who is incredibly athletic. He’s incredibly huge. He is a big, big, strong, man. It’s important for him to make sure that he protects that. Sometimes you guys don’t understand what that means. We’ve had…I’ve had a couple of conversations about what he should do and what he shouldn’t do and if things get too heated, call me.”

Here was Omos’s response via Twitter:

“Man… I’m lost for words… Just grateful… Thank you Undertaker.”