The Undertaker On His In-Ring Retirement: “It’s Been Difficult”

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recently spoke with Audacy’s The Bet 98.5 (Las Vegas) for an interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, The Undertaker spoke about his in-ring retirement and more. Here are the highlights:

Saying goodbye to wrestling:

“It’s been difficult. That character was such an important part of my life and career. Just being not able to perform again — that’s my passion. In my mind and heart, there’s nothing I’d rather do [than] be in the ring and performing. That’s who I am and what I have done for 30+ years…I had a great run. My time is done, and it is time to do something different.”

Roman Reigns getting booed and him losing to him at WrestleMania:

“I always wish I could’ve done better for him at that moment. It was a physical issue, and I was getting what I could out of my body at the time. I had already been beaten once. There’s still that love for that character. It’s really cool now, especially to see how far Roman has come, and he’s so in touch with his character and the face of the company.”

Although The Undertaker never met Kobe Bryant, he always loved his mindset, “He was a grinder…He was never satisfied with anything that he did. I just loved it…He was just what I embody a professional athlete to be.”

You can listen to the complete interview below: