The Undertaker Reveals What Led To Losing His WrestleMania Streak To Brock Lesnar (Video)

The Undertaker was recently interviewed on Pardon My Take and spoke about losing his WrestleMania streak to Brock Lesnar. Here are the highlights:

Would have selfishly liked to have kept The Streak intact: On a personal level… Selfishly, would I have liked to have gonna 25/26-0? Of course. That probably would have been the greatest record in all of wrestling, but business is business. Sometimes you’re up. Sometimes you’re down. The most important thing afterwards was I was concussed. I didn’t even remember it.

I was more concerned, afterwards, for my head to stop hurting and being able to come out of the dark for a couple of weeks. It is what is is. I double-checked with Vince. I said, ‘are you sure it’s what you want to do?’ He was like, ‘Mark, if it’s not him, who’s ever gonna beat you?’ I was like, ‘alright, it’s your call, and if that’s what you want, then it’s what we’ll do.’

Thinking he was going over when he arrived at WrestleMania 30: It had gone back and forth. I showed up that day thinking I was going over, and it changed the day of. All I wanted to make sure was that he had thought it all through because by that point, it was whoever was the main event then there was ‘The Streak.’ Those two things were the two most important things at WrestleMania.

If you weren’t in the main event, you definitely wanted to be against The Undertaker trying to break ‘The Streak.’ So obviously, when you broke it, you lose that aspect of WrestleMania. So I just wanted to make sure he was confident and that was the decision that he felt comfortable with. The rest is history I guess.

He and Brock Lesnar laughing at each other being a viral GIF: We both took bumps, and then I did the signature set-up. He was up, and I sat up. He started laughing so mine was kind of an evil, sarcastic laugh back at him. I was shocked at the people’s [reaction]. They were so enthralled by the way that we were laughing at each other.