This Week’s WWE RAW Viewership, Booby Roode Comments On Kenny Omega

– This week’s RAW, which featured appearances by John Cena/Hulk Hogan/Brock Lesnar, did 2.324 million viewers. This was above last week’s 1.985 million viewers for New Year’s Eve. The RAW from one year ago on 1/8/18 drew 2.760 million viewers. Both this week’s RAW and the RAW from one year ago had college football competition.

Here are the hourly numbers from

2.609 million
2.294 million
2.070 million

– In an interview with Planeta Wrestling, Bobby Roode commented on who he would like to see in this year’s Royal Rumble match:

“Right now it seems like the stars in the business, the people I’m familiar with, are definitely in the WWE or quite possibly one of the 30 guys that are already in the match. But if you’re looking for an outside guy, I don’t know, it’s gotta be Kenny Omega then. He’s a fellow Canadian and a guy that, I think, has a lot of talent and would be a huge edition to this company. But who knows? We’ll see what happens.”