Three Potential Opponents For Edge If He Re-Signs With WWE

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It’s ultimately his career of course, however the Rated R Superstar Edge has a lot left in the tank to keep wrestling.

SmackDown was live in Toronto, Canada on August 18, 2023. Edge face that often underrated Celtic warrior Sheamus in a physical, high quality wrestling match. Many have speculated that this was Edge’s last match and he will now be able to retire on his own terms. Additionally, the other rumor that was being manufactured was that Edge was on bad terms with WWE and was set to show up at AEW ppv All in. On August 24, 2023 via his Twitter account, Edge decisively denied that he is on bad terms with WWE. Moreover, Edge has been offered an extension and is till thinking about it. If he decides to continue there are still fresh opponents for Edge.

Cody Rhodes: The American Nightmare vs The Rated R Superstar. This version of Cody Rhodes has never feuded with Edge. Although not completely necessary, a full heel edge vs Cody can be a highly entertaining program that helps continue to keep Cody hot while he’s “finishing the story”. Taking a babyface vs babyface route could work equally as well with these ultimate professionals. It would be crazy to leave this first time ever on the table.

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Bobby Lashley: Another star studded first time ever match would be Bobby Lashley cs Edge. It’s hard to believe these 2 main event talents have been in wrestling for 15-25 years and have never had a rivalry. These beef writes itself. Both men use the spear to win matches so in some ways it’s spear vs spear. A neck injury is what forced Edge to have to retire. Bobby Lashley’s finisher is the Hurt Lock(Full Nelson Submission) which targets the neck. There’s an intriguing story to be told to see if Edge could survive or avoid the Almighty’s Hurt Lock Submission.

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Drew McIntyre: Edge had been in the ring with Drew McIntyre when Drew was the young chosen one. However he has never wrestled the best version of the former WWE Champion. This is a high profile match that could be considered a main event anywhere in the world. It will be interesting to see If Edge truly did have his last match in WWE.

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