Thunder Rosa On What It Means Being The Face Of AEW Women’s Division

Thunder Rosa spoke on Battleground Podcast to talk about a variety of topics. During the interview, the AEW Women’s Champion was asked what it meant to her to be the face of the AEW women’s division:

“It’s a big responsibility. I take this in a very serious way, not only in the ring in having good matches and performing at the best of my ability, but also bringing it to the community. I’m a big person in teaching and sharing my story because you never know how many people you are touching and how many people you are influencing in a positive way. I’m doing my due diligence in bringing the title to wherever I go. I’m actually going to an elementary school to talk to Latino kids about their dreams and stuff. It’s very important that we have those talks. When you guys don’t see me in the ring, you see me doing something outside of the ring. It’s such a huge platform for me and it’s a huge platform for Latina women to bring something different to the table. This is the first time ever in history this has happened and I want to make sure that no matter what happens, I make a positive influence in many people’s lives.”

You can listen to the podcast below:

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