Exclusive: Titus Alexander Opens Up About Being Considered One of the Best on the Indy Scene, His WWE Appearance, His X-Division Title Shot, and More

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The current West Coast Pro Heavyweight Champion and one of the very best on the indy scene Titus Alexander joined me here at PWMania.com for this exclusive interview.

We discussed various topics including: Beating Jacob Fatu for the West Coast Pro Title, high profile matches with Will Ospreay, Mike Bailey and Davey Richards, being considered one of the best on the indy scene, his WWE appearance, his X Division Title shot and so much more.

You can read PWMania.com’s complete exclusive interview with Titus Alexander below:

You faced Myron Reed and Rey Horus at PWG DINK. What was the experience like sharing the ring with those two?

“Oh, it was awesome. It was so great because those guys have been, you know, Rey Horus has been doing pro wrestling and has been everywhere for a long time. That’s another guy I’ve always wanted to work and Myron Reed is another one I have always wanted to work with. But he’s really really, really good. So I never really thought I would be able to share the ring with him. But I’m really happy that I was able to.”

On October 8, you dethroned Jacob Fatu to become the new West Coast Pro heavyweight champion. I watched the match and it was fantastic. How did feel taking the title off Fatu and what are your thoughts on Jacob Fatu?

“Oh, man, he is everything man. He has everything, he can do anything, he can go anywhere he wants to be in this business, he can do anything he wants. But the first question I’ll answer is, dethroning him was awesome, but also just like, damn, I just dethroned our champion, he has been champion for I think a year at that time and so it was cool. But I Jacob before he even started wrestling and so it was cool to share the ring with him and then of course dethroning him. So I have a little bit to brag about, but yeah, it was very cool to actually just be in the ring with him and be a one-on-one and experience how it is to wrestle Jacob.”

I believe three matches were in one night if I’m not mistaken. How difficult was it to go through all those matches in two days to earn that title shot?

“Oh, it was very difficult because it was all different styles of wrestling. On the first night I had Chris Sabin and what a legend that man is, he’s been doing this forever and watching him growing up and stuff like that, and then meeting him. And I was just like, oh, okay, well, now I got Masha. Oh, well, Masha is a badass and she can beat anybody that she can and it was awesome sharing it with Masha, but man, she hits hard. And then wrestling Nick Wayne, as we’ve done it before and that’s always great because me and a guy like Nick Wayne, we always push each other to our limits. We always fight like it’s the last match that we’re ever going to have and it’s always great sharing the ring with him. And then we all know the story with Charlie, we have great chemistry, but it was just awesome. All those matches were different if you look at it like, style-wise, speed-wise, and everything is just all different. So it was very difficult to prepare for that.”

So the feud with Starboy Charlie, is that over? Or is that or is that going to continue?

“I don’t know man. The feud with Starboy Charlie to me will never be over. It’ll be a long-life thing. It’ll be a long-life feud for me. I don’t know about anybody else.”

Do you know who your first West Coast Pro Title defense is going to be against?

“I do not man. I have no idea. We have our next show in January. So it’s a long time away to prepare, to have West Coast Pro decide but I’m ready for whoever”

You’ve had some absolutely fantastic matches in West Coast Pro against great opponents. You faced Will Ospreay, Mike Bailey, Davey Richards plus others. How do you prepare yourself for high-profile matches?

“Well, with those two especially, growing up watching them, watching highlights of them, so you kind of know their pace and speed and stuff like that. So you kind of get to prepare for that. But you know, like they’re totally different now because they’re way faster, stronger, smarter. It is a process to prepare for that but it was awesome sharing the ring with them and I got to learn a lot.”

Yeah, I mean, one month you got Mike Bailey and then the next month you got Will Ospreay. It’s like after Mike Bailey, you’re trying to catch your breath and then the next month you got Will Ospreay.

“I know, it was crazy. It was crazy.”

After performing at such a high level as you do, do you believe that you might be on anyone’s radar, such as AEW, WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact, or MLW?

“I mean, I hope so. But I don’t know at this point. I’m just doing what I love to do. And that’s all I can do and hope for the best.”

Now on social media, whenever someone puts up a poll asking who the best wrestler is on the indie scene, there was one recently that I answered, I put your name down and Alec Price, your name normally does come up on those polls. How does that feel and do you think that you are in fact one of the best in the indie scene right now?

“Oh, well, it feels great because it’s such a pleasure to see people experience my wrestling and they’re liking my wrestling and everything that I do, because you know, it is something that I love. So it’s always good that someone enjoys what I do. But personally, I don’t believe that I’m one of the top or one of the best, I’m trying to get there. But you know, you always got to chase that. But no, I do not.”

In September, you wrestled in Mexico for Lucha Memes. How was the experience in Mexico? Was that your first time in Mexico and what led to that booking?

“Oh, yeah, that was my first time in Mexico well wrestling in Mexico, but it was an experience, it was so much fun, and that venue was so awesome because I see all these pictures and all of my other friends going there and stuff like that and all the stories that they’ve told me and  finally I got to experience it. It was so cool. And yes, there is some stuff that has come from it but obviously, I cannot say it yet. But yeah, it was very cool, I was with the likes of Vinnie Massaro and Masha and there’s this picture with Vinnie Massaro and he’s on his entrance and there’s a dog right there laying right next to the ring and it was just that’s the sum up of the trip you know just stuff like that you just don’t see every day.

Now you’ve wrestled in Mexico, which other countries are you hoping to travel to wrestle in? Maybe Japan, the UK, and Canada? Which other countries are you hoping to travel to one day?

“Honestly all of them. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Japan is such a big dream of mine to go wrestle. I was supposed to go to Canada, not too long ago but travel issues came about, and then of course the UK is also on there, but all of them.”

Titus Alexander versus Hiromu Takahashi, who wins that match?

“Whoa, that’s a good matchup. I don’t know. I guess we have to wait and see and find out.”

You had a shot at the Impact Wrestling X Division Title back in February for Defy Wrestling. Trey Miguel was the champion. It was a three-way match. Guillermo Rosas was the other wrestler in the match. You weren’t successful, but are you hoping to have that title around your waist one day?

“Yeah, that would be such a surreal experience to have another shot at it and actually win it. And that title has such a prestigious history, all the impact wrestlers that are now doing the amazing stuff that they’re doing. But yeah, that’s always been one of the big dreams of mine, because I watched TNA and Impact growing up. I’m not sure who has it now but when Trey had it, I was always like, hey, if I win do I get signed or what because I’m coming for it bro. We always joked around like that. But yes, I would love to have another shot at that.”

Back in 2019, you made an appearance in the WWE against The Singh Brothers. So what led to that match? I think you had to wear a mask for that match if I’m not mistaken, but I’ll let you tell the story.

“Yeah, so you know, I was young in my career, I think literally a year in and we were just doing some extra work and stuff like that. And they needed some more luchadors and I was doing a Lucha character at the time because I didn’t really know what to do with my character or my wrestling persona at the time. So I was just doing a Lucha character, and they’re like, Hey, do you want to wrestle against The Singh Brothers, we need two luchadors that are from Sacramento. And I was like, yeah, sure, and that was pretty much it. It was a cool experience because now seeing them on the indy scene especially at Defy now and a couple of other places, it’s cool to talk to them about that. I’m like, hey, remember me, but of course, it was so long ago, but yeah, it was fun, man. I was there, not with my dad, but he went to the show because we’re all from Sac, so he was there with a couple of his friends and stuff like that. So I actually got to surprise him coming out and he recognized me by my mask and my tights. And when I met him on the outside to go home, he was like you (expletive), why didn’t you tell me? He’s like, dude, why didn’t you tell me? I was like, dude I wanted to keep it secret, I wanted to surprise you. And he just gave me a big hug and that was cool to surprise him.”

So after getting that small taste of the WWE, has there always been an urge since that day for you to get back there and show them what you’re really capable of?

“Um, I don’t know. Because right now I’m just enjoying what I’m doing and I just love what I do. If it leads to there then hey, it leads to there, but I just love what I do. Wrestling is my life, so yeah, I don’t know how to really give a stern answer on that.”

You wrestled Calvin Tankman for Garden State Pro. How hard were those chest chops? He looked like he was really laying those chest chops in.

“Oh, man, it felt like I just did a week’s worth of chest day at the gym. My chest was so sore after that and it was hard to lift my arms back up because he hits just so hard. He’s such a great talent and yeah, he’s such a good powerhouse. He’s just everything man, Calvin Tankman is one of the best on the indy scene right now.”

When he was chopping you, my chest was hurting. I was cringing. I was like poor Titus Alexander. And it wasn’t just one it was like two or three chops I think he hit you with on the outside.

“Yeah, it was. There was a lot more in the ring. but yeah, it was a sad day for Titus Alexander’s chest.”

As you’ve wrestled so many top-tiered talents is there anyone out there right now that you hope to step into the ring with one day?

“Oh, yeah, that’s a good question. I would love to step in there with of course all the Japan wrestlers that I’ve always wanted to go against but honestly, really I would love to just wrestle guys like Alec Price, and guys on the east coast because I rarely get the wrestle those people and even see them wrestle anymore but yeah, there’s a couple out there. Joey Janela is one of them. Tanahashi is one of them, Kushida is one of them, and Kota Ibushi is one of them. So all those guys like man, it would just be a blessing to even share the ring with them.”

Well, if you went one on one with Alec Price, I think Dave Meltzer would give it five stars.

(Laughs) “I hope so.”

Do you have a personal favorite match? I know you wrestled so many top guys that I mentioned, but do you have a personal favorite?

“I do and it’s surprisingly not one of those guys because I have recently just said something on another podcast and it’s my dad. Yeah, that will always be my favorite match. It’ll always be dear to my heart. Just because of me and my dad’s history back, you know, my whole life. It just meant so much to me to share the ring with my dad. So that always up there, number one.”

You’ve appeared on quite a few Game Changer Wrestling shows. Would you ever do a deathmatch if you were asked?

“I don’t know, I see these guys do them and I’m just like, OW! I just don’t know how they do it day in and day out. I give them all the props in the world, man because to step in the ring and, like, we already are in a dangerous sport but to go in there and hit each other with light tubes, do all this stuff with barbed wire, fireworks and all this crazy stuff that they’re doing. I don’t know, man, because that stuff is insane to me. Like that whole world is just a different world. So I’m not saying no, but definitely not right now.

Would you want to play a little word association game? I have four names, just give me the first thing that pops into your head. First name, Starboy Charlie.


Ricky Steamboat

“Greatest of all time.”

Jon Moxley

“Tough, tough man. Yeah, he was one of the toughest that I’ve seen so far.”

Masha Slamovich

“I know you said first thing but there’s so many coming out right now because she is just great, so I would just go with great because she is so great in the ring and outside of the ring.”

So what do you hope to have accomplished by the end of 2023?

“That is a tough question. Because honestly, I just love what I do. So anything, anything just to keep wrestling. That would be my biggest accomplishment at the end of 2023. Just to keep wrestling and doing what I love. Just because I love this sport so much. Of course, there’s like small goals. I want to wrestle my dad one more time. I want to wrestle my sister. I want to wrestle those people that I named off earlier. But those are small goals inside of wrestling. But just continue building myself as a wrestler.