TJP Talks About What Has Made WWE Stars Unhappy

In an interview with, TJP talked about what he felt has made WWE stars unhappy:

“You know I always had a wonderful experience with upper administration working directly with Vince and Hunter that was always pleasant for me, but it was the lower administration like the micromanaging from producers and creative, the writers and things like that — that was the ultimate source of a lot of guys’ unhappiness at least for me.”

“You know it’s frustrating that guys in that position they play favorites. Some guys get held back, not that the brass ring is it’s not like it doesn’t exist and it’s not like it doesn’t exist in a fair way to like Vince and Hunter, but people that micromanage beneath them they arrange us at different startling lines so some guys it’s impossible to get ahead because you’re just constantly handcuffed.”

“One things I love about the freedom I have now is that I don’t have someone saying that I can’t say this or kinda wrestling my match for me through a headset. Sometimes wrestling there just feels like it has no soul.”