TNA Final Resolution PPV Results – December 11, 2011

– TNA’s 2011 Final Resolution pay-per-view kicks off with a video package looking at the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and tonight’s main event.

Rob Van Dam vs. Daniels

We go to the ring for tonight’s opening match and out first comes Rob Van Dam. His opponent Christopher Daniels is out next.

They lock up and RVD takes it to the corner. They break and Daniels protects himself until RVD backs off. They lock up again and run the ropes, colliding with shoulder blocks twice. RVD catches a kick but Daniels ducks the spin kick. RVD with a roll up for 2. RVD counters with a backslide for another 2. RVD with a headlock. They collide again and RVD takes Daniels to the mat with a headlock and a 2 count. Daniels turns it around and beats RVD down in the corner, stomping away. Daniels whips RVD across the ring but RVD arm drags him twice and takes him down with a scissors for a 2 count. RVD with a kick to the face before doing his trademark shoulder point.

RVD beats Daniels down in the corner. RVD ends up on the apron and they go at it. Daniels tries to suplex RVD back into the ring but RVD counters and brings Daniels out to the apron. Daniels shoves RVD into the ring post and he falls down to the floor. Daniels wastes time before bringing RVD back in the ring. Daniels whips RVD into the corner and hits a running knee to the gut. Daniels mocks RVD and gets a 2 count. Daniels with a gutwrench on the mat now. RVD fights free but Daniels takes back control. RVD kicks him in the head and he goes down out of nowhere. RVD with right hands and a clothesline. RVD hits the standing moonsault for a 2 count.

RVD with the monkey flip and Rolling Thunder for another 2 count. Daniels blocks RVD and whips him into the corner. Daniels charges but RVD hits a spin kick. RVD goes to the top for the frogsplash but lands on his feet as Daniels moves. Daniels spears RVD for a 2 count. Daniels continues and gets another 2 count. Daniels with a crossbody in the corner. Daniels hits RVD with a right hand while he’s up top. Daniels goes for the superplex but RVD fights him off and shoves him to the mat. RVD hits the frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– Tenay and Taz plug tonight’s main event before going backstage with Jeremy Borash. Mickie James talks about her Knockouts Title match against Gail Kim. Mickie says she was excited to hear Gail was coming back to TNA but she has done nothing but politic and play hide-and-seek since she returned. Mickie says they will see who’s the best Knockouts Champion.

TNA Television Title Match: Eric Young vs. Robbie E.

We go to the ring and out comes the challenger Eric Young. TNA TV Champion Robbie E. is out next with Rob Terry at his side.

Young stalls bore the match and goes back to the ramp. He pulls his pants down to reveal the briefs. Young charges the ring and tackles Robbie as the bell rings. Robbie comes back but Young hits a Thesz Press and right hands. Young flips to the apron like Ric Flair. He comes back in off the ropes and dumps Robbie out to the floor. Young suicide dives through the ropes and takes out Robbie on the floor. Young ducks a clothesline from Terry but Robbie lays him out on the floor. Robbie brings it back in the ring and covers for a 2 count, and another.

Robbie mounts Young with right hands. More of the same and another 2 count. Robbie whips Young hard in the corner and he goes down. Robbie wastes time in the corner and fist pumps on the second rope. Robbie with a shot from the second rope for a 2 count. Robbie with a side Russian leg sweep to the mat for another 2 count. Robbie with a chinlock now. Young fights to his feet and out of the hold but Robbie drops him with an elbow for 2. Robbie with a headlock now. Young fights back out. Robbie takes Young from corner to corner and splashes him. Robbie charges again but Young moves and clotheslines him. Young with a right hand, a clothesline and a big snap slam. Young goes to the top and hits the big elbow drop for a 2 count.

Young goes back to the top but Robbie pulls him off to the floor and covers for a 2 count. Terry gets on the apron and they argue with the referee. Robbie turns around and they clothesline each other at the same time. The referee tends to Robbie while Terry comes in and lifts Young up from the second rope by his neck. Young fights out as Robbie charges and sidesteps. Robbie runs his head into Terry’s crotch. Young gets Robbie and Terry on his shoulders but drops them. Young dropkicks Terry to the floor but turns around to knees to the face from Robbie for the win.

Winner: Robbie E.

– We go backstage to JB, The Pope and Devon. JB asks Devon about trust issues between the two. Devon says the only issue they have ever had is the influence Pope has on his sons. Devon says tonight isn’t the night for that, it’s all about the TNA Tag Team Titles. Devon testifies and walks off. Pope says he can’t help Devon’s kids look up to him like the father they never had. Pope agrees, tonight it’s about the gold.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Pope & Devon vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

Out first come the challengers Devon and The Pope followed by TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson. Pope starts out with Crimson and they lock up. Crimson shoves Pope to the mat and they lock up again. Pope ties up Crimson’s arm and goes to a headlock. Crimson fights out and drops Pope with two shoulders. Crimson fights out with knees but Pope counters. Pope kicks Crimson but it does nothing. Crimson takes Pope to the corner with shoulder thrusts.

Morgan eventually comes in and Pope makes the tag to Devon. Devon charges but Morgan drops him with a shoulder. Morgan with headbutts but Devon comes back with a headlock and right hands. Devon with a shoulder and a 1 count. Morgan connects with a big clothesline and tags in Crimson. Pope tags himself in and dropkicks Crimson. Pope tries to German suplex Crimson and finally gets him over. Pope goes for a second German but Crimson fights him off. Pope comes back and gets a 2 count. Pope comes off the second rope but Crimson moves. Crimson hits a big spear out of the corner. Morgan comes in and hits his back elbows on Pope in the corner. Crimson tags in and they double team Pope. Crimson with an exploder suplex for a 2 count.

Crimson stops Pope from tagging and keeps him grounded to the mat. Pope fights to his feet but Crimson knocks him back to the mat and tags in Morgan. Morgan with a big fall-away slam or a 2 count as Devon breaks the pin. Morgan catches Pope with a big sideslam or another 2 count. Morgan catches Pope again off the ropes but Pope fights out and connects with a DDT. Devon and Crimson come in and go at it. Devon with a big shoulder and a splash in the corner. Devon with a flying clothesline and a 2 count. Devon with a neckbreaker now. Devon goes back leaps off the top and splashes Crimson for a 2 count. Morgan comes in and Devon tries to clothesline them both but can’t. They go down and Morgan rolls to the floor. Devon slams Crimson hard but only gets the 2 count. Pope goes to the top while Devon slams Crimson. Pope hits the big elbow from the top but Morgan breaks the pin. Morgan tosses Pope to the floor and grabs Devon. Crimson and Morgan hit a double chokeslam and Crimson covers Devon for the win.

Winners: Matt Morgan and Crimson

– After the match, Devon goes to ringside and his sons are disappointed in him.

– JB is backstage with AJ Styles, who is getting his leg taped up. AJ says he is still at 200% and injury never keeps him out. He says he’s going to beat the piss out of Roode for 30 minutes tonight.

TNA X Division Title Match: Kid Kash vs. Austin Aries

Out first comes Kid Kash followed by the TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries. Lots of back and forth to start the match. Aries brings it back in the ring and hits a dropkick to the face for a 2 count. Aries with a headlock now. Kash fights out and they both grab each others ears. More back and forth. Kash drops Aries with a big chop to the throat. Kash drops Aries again with a clothesline for a 2 count. Kash with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Aries counters and rolls Kash up for 2. They trade several 2 counts and Aries rolls to the floor.

Aries comes back in and takes control. He misses a fist drop and they go back to the floor. Kash misses a big chop and chops the ring post. Aries brings it back in the ring and brings in the title belt. The referee takes it and Kash rolls Aries up for 2. Kash argues with the referee and Aries rolls Kash up. Aries turns around to a poke to the eyes. Kash tosses Aries back to the floor and leaps over onto him. More back and forth in the ring. Aries hits a mule kick and tosses Kash to the floor again. Aries dives over the ropes and takes him out. Aries with a neckbreaker on the apron and a close 2 count. Kash fights to his feet and they trade shots. Aries drops Kash over his knee and covers for a 2 count. Aries slams Kash and hits the Pendulum elbow for a 2 count. They trade more offense and Kash drops Aries with a shot to the head for another pin attempt. Kash with a big face slam and another close pin. Aries counters again and goes to the top. Kash knocks him off and to the mat. Kash goes up top but Aries hits the ropes and he falls. Aries climbs up for a superplex but Kash fights him off. Kash goes to powerbomb Aries from the top rope but Aries turns it into a hurricanrana. The crowd chants “holy shit.”

They trade shots in the middle of the ring again. Kash goes for a double underhook but Aries blocks it, hits a knee breaker and slams Kash back. Aries charges but runs into a boot. Aries counters the double underhook again. Kash charges but runs into the turnbuckles. Aries has brass knuckles or something and argues with the ref. Kash ends up with something on his knuckles and the ref argues with him. Aries throws Kash the title belt and Kash gets caught with it. Aries takes advantage of Kash being distracted and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

– We get a promo for tonight’s Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

We go to the ring and out first comes the challenger Mickie James. Out next comes the TNA Knockouts Champion and one-half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Gail Kim.

They lock up and go to the corner. Mickie takes Gail to the mat first and goes to a chinlock. Gail fights out and works on Mickie’s arm. Gail slams Mickie to the mat. Mickie gets up and they trade shots. Mickie hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Gail hits Mickie in the mouth and knocks her down. Gail with punches and an uppercut. Mickie counters and dropkicks Gail in the face. Mickie charges in the corner but Gail moves and she hits the turnbuckles. Mickie ends up on Gail’s shoulders and gets slammed on her face hard. Gail hits a clothesline for a 2 count.

Gail keeps it up for another 2 count. Gail with a backbreaker over her knee. Mickie counters with a headscissors takedown and a 2 count. Gail comes right back with a clothesline for 2. Gail kicks Mickie around and applies a submission on her knee. Gail chokes Mickie in the corner and keeps control of the mat. Gail charges but Mickie moves from the corner and Gail lands out on the floor.

Mickie makes a comeback and goes to the top but Gail cuts her off with a kick. Mickie counters again from the top and hits the Thesz Press for a 2 count. Gail goes to leave up the ramp but Mickie brings her back and throws her into the ring post. Madison Rayne comes down and gets involved. Gail hits her finisher on Mickie as she re-enters the ring for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

– JB is backstage with James Storm talking about Kurt Angle. We go to a promo for their match tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

We go to the ring and out first comes Kurt Angle followed by James Storm. They lock up and go to the corner. They break and lock up again. Angle dumps Storm on the mat and they trade holds. They lock up again and Angle works on the arm. More back and forth on the mat until Angle applies a headscissors. Storm makes a comeback with a hip toss and then an arm drag into an armbar. They go back to the corner and Angle rakes Storms eyes. Angle beats Storm down in the corner as the crowd boos.

Storm comes back with a jawbreaker and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Storm clotheslines Angle to the floor and follows him. Storm works Angle over on the floor until Angle pulls him into the steps. Angle brings it back in the ring and stomps on Storm. Angle goes back to a chinlock and keeps Storm on the mat. Storm fights out but Angle drops him with a shot to the jaw. Angle mounts Storm with right hands now. Storm gets up and Angle knocks him back down with a right hand. Angle chokes Storm under the bottom rope as Hebner counts. Angle with elbows to the face from the floor. Storm blocks the right hands now and fights back. Angle catches him in a sleeper and wears him down to the mat.

Storm fights to his feet and back suplexes Angle. They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring. Storm drops Angle with forearm shots and a clothesline. Storm charges in the corner but Angle elbows him. Angle charges and Storm connects with knees to the chest and then the backstabber for a 2 count. Angle catches Storm in a belly to belly suplex or another 2 count. Storm blocks a suplex but Angle catches him in the ankle lock. Storm pushes Angle off. Storm ends up on the apron and kicks Angle in the head. Storm comes in but Angle blocks him. Angle hits the trio of German suplexes and covers for a 2 count. Storm blocks the Angle Slam and hits Eye of the Storm for a 2 count. Storm goes up top but Angle stops him and suplexes him to the mat for a close 2 count. Storm goes for the Last Call superkick but Angle catches him in the ankle lock. Storm breaks out and Angle charges in the corner. Storm moves and he hits the ring post. Storm drops Angle’s face down on the apron from the second rope.

Storm brings Angle back in the ring for Last Call but Angle blocks it with an Angle Slam for a 2 count. Angle goes for the moonsault from the top but Storm moves. Storm connects with Last Call this time and covers Angle for the win.

Winner: James Storm

– JB is backstage with Karen and Jeff Jarrett. They are upset about the possibility of losing their jobs. Jarrett says he was just on the Coastal Chaos Cruise being a company man when he got the news about tonight’s match and Karen. Jeff cuts a promo on Jeff Hardy when Sting walks in and taunts them. Sting has a pair of handcuffs and asks Karen if she’s ready. We go to a promo for tonight’s cage match.

Steel Cage Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

We go to the cage and out first comes Jeff Jarrett with Karen at his side. Out next comes Jeff Hardy with his new helmet. Sting’s music hits and out he comes to handcuff Karen Jarrett to himself. The match starts and Jarrett drops Hardy quick for a pin attempt. Jarrett rolls Hardy up for another pin attempt. They run the ropes again and Jarrett goes for another pin attempt. Hardy turns it around and leg drops him, then connects with a dropkick for 2.

Hardy climbs the cage but Jarrett pulls him down to the top. Hardy comes crashing down on Jarrett and then throws him face first into the cage wall. Hardy throws him into the opposite side and continues the offense. Jarrett counters the Twist of Fate with a pin attempt into the Figure Four. It’s broken but Jarrett keeps in control. Jarrett throws Hardy into the cage wall now. Jarrett climbs the cage but Hardy stops him. Jarrett kicks Hardy to the mat and comes down on him. Jarrett climbs the cage again but Hardy pulls him off. Hardy climbs up now. Hardy kicks Jarrett off and splashes down on him for a 2 count. They trade shots on their feet now. Hardy hits a clothesline and shot to the face. Hardy hits Twist of Fate and goes to the top. He comes back down and hits another Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs to the top of the cage and hits a Swanton but Jarrett moves and Hardy lands hard on his back.

Jarrett goes to slide out of the cage door but Hardy pulls him back. Jarrett hits the Stroke. Hardy stops Jarrett from escaping the cage door and Jarrett stops him. Hardy swings in from the cage door and kicks Jarrett down. Hardy flies into the cage door, which knocks Sting and Karen down. Karen uncuffs herself and slams the door in Hardy’s face. Jarrett covers for a close 2 count. Karen tries to bring the guitar into play but Sting stops her. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– After the match, Karen raises hell at ringside as Sting enters the ring. Sting says someone is getting fired on Impact as Karen screams. Hardy now gets the TNA World Title shot at Genesis.

– JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. Roode says he will be known as the king of the Iron Man matches after tonight. Roode has words or AJ Styles and Sting. He says he spits in the face of authority, just ask Dixie Carter. The main event is up next after a video package.

30-Minute Iron Man Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

We go to the ring and out comes the challenger AJ Styles. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is out next. JB does formal ring introductions before the bell.

They lock up and AJ goes behind. They trade holds and break. They lock up again and Roode applies a headlock. Roode shoves AJ away and does jumping jacks. They lock up again and Roode goes back to a headlock. AJ turns it around to a headlock of his own. Roode turns it into a head scissors on the mat. AJ kicks out and goes back to a headlock on the mat as we’re under 4 minutes in now.

AJ drops Roode with three shoulder blocks and goes for a pin attempt but Roode slides out to the floor. Roode comes back in the ring and they lock up, going to the corner. They trade chops in the corner. AJ hits a big back drop on Roode. Roode plays chicken and throws AJ out to the floor. Roode follows and AJ slams him into the barrier. AJ brings it back in the ring but Roode catches him and stomps away. Roode goes to work on AJ’s injured knee now and drags his face across the top rope. AJ counters Roode and rolls him up out of the corner for a 2 count. They trade pin attempts. AJ with a hip toss and an arm drag. Roode comes back with a shoulder. AJ tosses Roode with a head scissors but runs right into a boot in the corner. AJ runs the ropes and connects with a clothesline for a 2 count near 9 minutes in.

Roode fights out of a headlock and drops AJ on is leg. AJ fights back and applies a headlock, favoring his leg. Roode drops AJ on his leg again but runs into an elbow in the corner. AJ goes up top but Roode takes his leg out. AJ falls from the top and Roode covers him for a 3 count. Roode has a 1-0 lead at the 10 minute in mark.

AJ takes Roode to the corner and works him over. Roode fights out with a rake to the eyes. Roode takes AJ’s knee out and goes to work on it. Roode gets a 1 count. AJ fights to his feet with chops and backs Roode in the corner with shots to the head. Roode blocks a clothesline and beats AJ back to one knee. AJ counters a suplex and goes behind. Roode counters and slams AJ’s leg down. AJ tries to fight back again but goes down on his knee. Roode blocks a move and applies a single leg Boston Crab. AJ makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Roode continues to work on AJ’s leg and applies the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. AJ finally taps out to make it 2-0 in favor of Roode.

Roode kicks out AJ’s leg again and shows off for the crowd. AJ gets up again but Roode takes the leg out once again. Roode goes for another Figure Four but AJ kicks him into the turnbuckles. AJ catches Roode in a flying armbar. AJ applies a crossface and Roode taps out to make it 2-1.

AJ focuses his attention on Roode’s arm now and goes to the mat. Roode turns it into a submission on his leg. They get to their feet and trade shots. More back and forth until Roode connects with a clothesline. AJ rolls Roode up with a cradle out of nowhere for a pin to make it 2-2.

They trade shots in the middle of the ring again. Roode kicks AJ’s knee while AJ hits his arm. AJ connects with a kick. AJ charges but Roode catches him with a spinebuster for a 2 count with 8:40 left. Roode goes for another leg submission but AJ kicks him off. Roode drops down on AJ’s leg instead. Roode catapults AJ but he lands on the second rope. AJ comes off with a reverse DDT but barely hits it. AJ springboards in with a splash for a pin to make it 2-3 AJ.

They trade shots again. AJ hits a clothesline and takes Roode to the corner with chops and right hands. Roode blocks an armbar but AJ drops his arm over the top rope. AJ comes in and Roode drops down on him and uses the top rope to get a pin, making it 3-3.

AJ gets pissed and rushes Roode with right hands on the mat with just over 4 minutes left. AJ takes Roode to the top and climbs up for a superplex. Roode fights him off and to the mat. AJ runs up and arm drags Roode down to the mat. AJ with a big backdrop suplex. Roode blocks a suplex and kicks AJ’s leg out. Roode goes for a fisherman suplex but AJ counters with a 2 count. AJ connects with a Pele at just over 2 minutes left. Roode counters the Styles Clash and AJ’s knee buckles. Roode goes to the floor. AJ runs the ropes and dives over, taking Roode out on the floor with 1 minute left. AJ brings Roode back in the ring with 30 seconds left. Roode rolls back out of the ring and AJ follows. Roode rolls back in and rolls right back out as the clock expires with the score at 3-3.


– Roode retains his World Title and takes it to the ramp to celebrate as AJ yells from the ring. The crowd chants for “one more minute” but Final Resolution goes of the air with Roode celebrating with the World Title.