TNA Impact Wrestling Results – February 20, 2014

The show opens backstage where Dixie Carter and her cohorts are discussing who is going to break the news that Dixie is referencing. Magnus tells Dixie to let him do the talking. Magnus’ music hits and he and Dixie walk out to the ring. In the ring, Magnus calls out MVP so that he can make an announcement. The lights go out and MVP’s music hits. MVP walks down the ramp and into the ring. Magnus tells MVP that he is his heavyweight champion of the world and that he is not impressed with MVP, his criminal record, or the nine years MVP spent in jail. Magnus tells him that if he steps out of line with him, he’ll make an example of him. MVP cuts him off and tells Magnus that he tells everyone that he is champion all the time. MVP brings up the challenge he made last week for Lockdown and asks for an answer. Magnus says that they accept MVP’s challenge, but he regrets to tell him that he will not be in that match as team captain, because he’s going to beat Gunner tonight and face Samoa Joe at Lockdown. MVP asks why Magnus is overlooking Gunner. Tells MVP that he’s going to make him his b*tch. MVP attacks Magnus but Ethan Carter III hits the ring to help. Backstage, Rockstar Spud is attempting to hold the Wolves back from coming to the ring. Gunner hits the ring and gets rid of Magnus and EC3. The two back down the ramp, but the Wolves are behind them. Magnus ditches EC3, Eddie Edwards holds EC3, and Davey Richards hits him with a spin kick. They join Gunner and MVP in the ring.

A video package airs detailing the help Bobby Roode has lent Dixie Carter in helping Magnus. It shows the matches leading up to Bobby Roode being escorted out of the building on last week’s Impact.

Backstage, Roode is walking into the arena and tell the camera that anything he has to say he will say to the world. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial where EC3 is yelling at Magnus for letting the Wolves attack him. Magnus tell EC3 that it’s in the best interest for him and his aunt Dixie. EC3 walks out, sarcastically yelling at Magnus.

Back in the ring, Samoa Joe states that he’ll face the winner of Gunner and Magnus. He says that he came to Manchester to get into a fight, not watch a championship. He calls out anyone from Dixieland in an open challenge. The BroMan’s music hits and Jessie Godderz, Zema Ion, and Robbie E come to the ring. They get into the ring and surround Joe. Joe asks who’s accepting the challenge but says, “how about all three?” Joe drops the mic and takes out everyone.

The BroMans and Zema Ion vs. Samoa Joe

Ion tries to come off the tope rope, but Joe knocks him to the ground. The BroMans jump Joe. All three begin to beat down Joe. Ion come off the top rope onto Joe for a pin and a two count. Joe fights back but is sent into the corner. The three irish whip each other into Joe and then perform a triple team strike on Joe in the corner. They pick up Joe and the BroMans hold Joe while Ion goes to the top rope. Ion goes for a dropkick but Joe moves and Ion accidentally takes down the BroMans. Joe chops Ion and sends him to the corner and hits him with an elbow and a kick. Joe hits a DDT and Russian Leg-Sweep on the BroMan’s at the same time. Joe the hits a suicide dive on the BroMans on the out side. Joe gets in the ring and puts Ion in the corner, on top of the turnbuckle. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but Ion rakes the eyes. Ion goes for a Tornado DDT but Joe throws him off. Joe gets him back in to corner, puts him up for a Muscle Buster, and hits it. Joe then goes to the Rear Naked Choke and Ion taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Backstage, Christy Hemme is shown talking to a backstage worker. Hemme walks away and Samuel Shaw is standing behind the worker. He grabs the worker from behind and throws him into a garage door. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Tenay and Tazz hype Kurt Angle being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame next week.

Backstage, Bobby Roode is shown talking to James Storm. Roode tells Storm that he wanted to talk to him face to face before he goes out and “does this.” Roode says that he’s going through a lot right now. He says that since day one in TNA, he didn’t trust anyone. He says that he pushed everyone away until he was alone. Roode says that it’s become too much for him. He tells Storm that they have good and bad history and that the bad stuff is his own fault. He tells Storm that the good stuff they had together was special. Roode tells him that Storm was the only guy he could trust. Storm tells Roode that if he’s going out to the ring to say what he thinks he’s going to say, to not do it. Storm tells him to keep going and to slap the wrestling business back in the face. They share an embrace and Roode leaves.

In MVP’s office, Austin Aries comes in and sits down with MVP. MVP asks Aries if he’ll be the fourth member of his Lockdown team. Aries asks what’s in it for him. MVP says that he’s going to do what’s right for the company and make positive changes that will benefit everyone. Aries tells MVP that he’ll give it serious consideration and leaves.

A video package illustrating TNA’s European tour airs. It shows Gail Kim and Madison Rayne fighting backstage.

We go back to the ring where Madison Rayne is heading to the ring to take on Gail Kim in a street fight. We go to commercial.

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim w/ Lei’D Tapa

Rayne attacks Gail Kim with a tray as she stood on the ramp. Back in the ring, Rayne hits Kim with a series of strikes and then dropkicks the tray into Kim’s face. Rayne sets up a pan in the corner between the ropes and whips Kim toward it, but Kim holds up. Kim kicks Rayne and beats her down on the mat. Kim grabs a staff and chokes Rayne with it. Kim goes for a hold but Rayne pushes her away with her leg into the pan in the corner. Rayne then sends Kim to the outside. Tapa stands in front of Kim to protect her. Rayne jumps from the apron onto Tapa, but is caught. Tapa spins Rayne around with Rayne kicking Kim. Tapa then rams Rayne into the side of the ring. Kim then does a Figure Four with Rayne’s legs wrapped around the ring post. Kim gets a chair and tries to hit Rayne’s leg with the chair but misses. Rayne kicks the chair back into her face. Back in the ring, Rayne spears Kim. Tapa gets into the ring and is hit by Rayne with different weapons to no effect. Rayne grabs a chair to hit Tapa with, but Kim hits Rayne from behind with the Knockouts’ Title. Kim goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Kim exits the ring and Lei’D Tapa carries her up the ramp. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and backstage is Mr. Anderson showing Christy Hemme picture of his children on his phone while Samuel Shaw watches from a distance. Tenay hypes the Gunner and Magnus match for later tonight. They air a video about Gunner detailing his upbringing and his Army service. Gunner explains his passion for wrestling and why he got into it.

Backstage, James Storm asks Gunner if he has a second, then the two go into a room. In another area backstage, Bobby Roode is heading to the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we see a replay from two weeks ago when Ethan Carter III took out Kurt Angle.

Backstage, EC3 is asked to expand on what he said about ending Angle’s career. EC3 says that he’ll allow Angle to break the news to everyone at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Also backstage, Gunner and Storm are talking about winning the TNA title with Storm giving him a pep talk. Gunner says that he’s doing for many different reasons. Storm says that he hopes that he wins and that there’s no way to describe the feeling of winning the title. Gunner gives Storm the tag title briefcase and says that they’ll cash it in after he wins the TNA title.

Back to the ring and Bobby Roode heads down the ramp. In the ring, Roode tells the fans that for the last eleven years he’s been proud to call Impact Wrestling his home. He says that for the last 17 years that he has lived his dream as a professional wrestler. He says that there’s a lot of things that have happened that he’s not proud of, but he can’t go back and change them. He says that the only thing he can change is the future. Roode says that tonight is his last night as a professional wrestler. He says that he can’t do it anymore. He says all he’s seen in himself the last few months is hate. He says that he can’t put up with himself or Dixie Carter anymore and that he must go. Roode says that before he goes that he wants to do something that he’s never done in his career and that’s to say thank you to the fans. Roode starts to leave the ring but Dixie Carter’s music hits and she heads to the ring. She tells him that he doesn’t get to decide when he leaves, she does. She says that he’s under contract and can’t leave. Roode says that he can’t help it and needs to leave. Carter says that she’s had many people in TNA that she didn’t want there, but that TNA needs him. Roode asks why she would need him. Dixie apologizes to Roode, but Roode tells her that he doesn’t want to work for her anymore. Dixie tells him that Lockdown is going to be the most important night in TNA’s history and that she needs a captain for her team. She tells him that she wants him to captain her team. Roode asks why he would do that for her. She says that she is willing to give Roode 10% ownership of TNA if he helps her. Roode asks why he should believe her. Dixie pleads that she’s being honest with him and begs for him to agree. Roode accepts the deal. Roode tells her that if she screws him over, that he’ll dedicate the rest of his life trying to destroy her career.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is interviewing the winner of the online Gutcheck winner, but in the background Samuel Shaw attacks Mr. Anderson and accidentally knocks Christy Hemme out. Shaw picks up Hemme and carries her away. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bad Influence tells Bobby Roode that they’d like to help and be on Roode’s team at Lockdown. Roode tells them to go wrestle their match and prove it.

In the arena, the Wolves head to the ring. Bad Influence then makes their entrance and get into the ring.

The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

Kaz starts the match with Eddie Edwards. They start with chain wrestling, ending in a standoff. Daniels distracts Edwards and Kaz hits hit from behind. Daniels is tagged in and he takes control on Edwards. Edwards fights back with some chops and then hits the ropes. Richards comes in and they double team Daniels and then Kaz. They then double Daniels and Richards tags in. Richards starts to climb to the tope rope but Kaz grabs him. Richards tries to kick Kaz but misses and Daniels knocks him off the apron. Kaz drives Richards into the side of the ring. Daniels beats down Richards in the ring and tags Kaz in. They double team Richards. Kaz goes to a hold on Richards. Richards fights back but is hit with a spin kick from Kaz. Kaz tags Daniels in and Daniels grabs Richards’ hands and comes off the top rope with a stomp. Daniels then hits Edwards off the apron and Edwards tries to retaliate but is held back by the ref. Bad Influence beat down Richards while the ref’s back is turned. Richards fights back and takes them both down. He tags in Edwards and he delivers a series of moves to both members of Bad Influence. Edwards takes Daniels off of the top rope. He goes for the pin but Kaz break it up. Daniels slams Edwards and goes for the BME, misses but lands on his feet. He hits the ropes but runs into a double team from the Wolves. Edwards hits a double foot stomp from the top rope. Richards climbs to the top and does the same. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winners: The Wolves

Backstage, Samuel Shaw lays Christy Hemme down on a bench. Hemme wakes up and asks what’s going on. Shaw says that he has everything under control. We see more hype for the TNA Title match that will take place tonight. We go to commercial.

Another vignette for Willow airs. A video package about Magnus airs.

Backstage, we see Magnus and Gunner heading through the building. Their match is next. We go to commercial.

It’s announced that MVP will take on Bobby Roode on next week’s Impact. Gunner’s music hits and it’s time for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match. Magnus heads to the ring. Jeremy Borash introduces the championship match.

Gunner vs. Magnus (c) (TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Tenay says that he has just been informed that the match will be subject to Magnus rules. The match begins and Magnus rolls to the outside. He jaws with the fans and gets back into the ring slowly. They lock up and trade standing holds. Magnus grabs a headlock. Gunner tries to shoot Magnus off but Magnus holds onto the headlock. Gunner then tries to execute a backdrop but again, Magnus holds onto the headlock. Magnus continues to hold onto the headlock despite many attempts by Gunner to get out of it. Gunner then shoots Magnus off but is shoulder tackled to the ground. Gunner then delivers an elbow to Magnus. Gunner strikes Magnus in the corner and whips him across the ring. Gunner charges Magnus but runs into a boot. Magnus then delivers a running knee to the back of Gunner that sends him out of the ring. Magnus waives to the back and calls for help. Instead of help, the Wolves and James Storm come to ringside. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Gunner suplexes Magnus. Gunner charges Magnus but is hit with a drop toe hold. Magnus goes to a camel clutch. Gunner picks Magnus up on his back and drives him into the corner. Magnus then locks in a sleeper hold on Gunner. Gunner breaks the hold with a back drop and both men are down on the mat. They get up and trade punches until Gunner hits the ropes and is hit with a knee to the gut by Magnus. Magnus slams Gunner and goes to the top rope. He delivers an elbow drop from the top rope and goes of the pin. He gets only two. Magnus rolls out of the ring and grabs the TNA title belt. Magnus goes to hit Gunner with the belt but Gunner ducks. Gunner picks Magnus up in a fireman’s carry but Magnus gets away. They both hit the ropes and go for crossbody blocks and collide. EC3 and the BroMans hit the ring but are met by the Wolves and James Storm. The six fight outside of the ring and end up backstage. In the ring Gunner hits a powerbomb on Magnus. Gunner goes to the top rope and hits the diving headbutt. Gunner goes for the pin but Rockstar Spud puts Magnus’ foot on the rope before the three count. Gunner stalks Spud outside of the ring. Spud leads Gunner through the ring but Magnus hits Gunner with the title belt. Magnus goes for the pin but only gets two. Storm comes back out and chases off Spud. Magnus drives Gunner’s head into the top turnbuckle, but Gunner fires up and hits his own head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Gunner then hits Magnus with a series of moves, including a slingshot suplex. Gunner hits a Rock Bottom looking move on Magnus and climbs to the top rope. Spud stands in front of him. Storm comes in and throws Spud out. Gunner goes for a diving headbutt but is hit by a Last Call Superkick in mid air from James Storm. Magnus covers Gunner and gets the three count.

Winner: Magnus

The goes off the air with James Storm standing over Gunner in the ring.