TNA Impact Wrestling Results – February 9, 2016

We are in the United Kingdom for the first of what Pope say is the first of five weeks Impact Wrestling will be across the pond. Matt says the fans can boo him all they want, because he’s too rich to care. The fans start chanting for EC3, and Matt ignores them and says the Matt Hardy Brand will teach the Impact Wrestling Brand how to do business because the Matt Hardy Brand is the more valuable of the two. He says the kinds of deviants who would boo him are the same people who would cheer someone like EC3. Tyrus says we have a better chance of Winston Churchill riding out here with his fat ass on a unicorn than we do of EC3 coming out here, and says that he was the one who kept him undefeated for so long. Reby says the fans have some nerve to boo them, especially since Matt Hardy is the hottest, most awesome man alive, and everyone else is jealous. Matt won this title completely on the level, and he didn’t break one rule in the Last Man Standing match. In the last three weeks, EC3, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle have all become victims of the Iconic Matt Hardy, and Dixie Carter hasn’t said a word to him in that time. The fans chant for Jeff, but I’m thinking he won’t be there tonight. Matt agrees with that, and he refuses to leave tonight unless Dixie does what she needs to do to keep her World Champion happy by firing EC3.

Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring, and we’ll see more of him after this break!

Bobby Lashley vs Bram

We see a video before the match of Bram and Eric Young getting excited about ending Jeff Hardy’s career, then we go to Bram jumping Lashley from behind to get an early advantage. Lashley fires back and pops him up into a super impressive delayed vertical suplex. Bram clotheslines Lashley to the floor, but Lashley pops right back up and clotheslines Bram out of the ring, rolls him back inside, then gets tripped by Young while the referee’s back is turned. Bram works Lashley over, and Lashley reverses an Irish whip and tries a leapfrog, but Bram stops short and drills Lashley in the face with a leaping kneestrike. Lashley flattens Bram with a clothesline, easily slams him, hits a couple of corner clotheslines, and pops Bram up into a running powerslam. Lashley sets for the spear, Bram sidesteps, and Lashley crashes into the corner. Bram hits the implant DDT, but is too worn out to make a cover. Eric Young jumps into the ring with his title belt and Bram holds Lashley for a belt shot, but Lashley moves and Young drills Bram. Spear to Young, spear to Bram, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Really good big man match, and Lashley has SCARY power with the way he was able to manhandle Bram.

Matt and Reby are backstage arguing over whether EC3 is a threat or not, but Tyrus has it covered because he hired Manchester’s top security team to take care of the issue.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring, high fiving fans all the way, then gets a mic and tells the fans how hard they’re making it to leave. He’s proud of what he’s accomplished at TNA for the last ten years, and he says he’s looking forward to his matches with Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley, but his match tonight is…wait, he gets cut off by Maria Kanellis, who says that what he’s saying feels manufactured and fake. What the people here really need is “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, and woudln’t you know it, here he comes. This building looks great on TV, by the way, they got a great crowd into this building. Bennett says he was listening to Kurt in the back, and he really has had a hell of a career. When Bennett was growing up in New England…the better, more advanced England…he’d watch Angle wrestle and do all his moves on his brother, and all he could think is that one day he was going to grow up and beat that guy. Angle says he’s warning Bennett right now to step back and get out of his face. Bennett says he’s missing the point, because what he’s trying to say is that the heights Angle has reached are almost untouchable…for a normal wrestler. He is the Miracle, and Lashley and Roode are both great, but then there’s him, the Miracle. He can see them in a match for the first time and the only time, and when he beats Kurt, the people will answer the question…Do you believe in Miracles? And they will say yes, they do. Angle says Maria is a beautiful woman, but she’s got horrible taste in men. Maria says he is a Miracle, and Angle says he’ll need one, and he turns Bennett inside out with a clothesline and sends him scurrying to the floor. Angle says he warned Bennett, and he doesn’t wrestle guys he doesn’t respect. He respects Drew Galloway, and that’s who he’s wrestling tonight. Speaking of Drew, he’s on his way to the ring right now, and he points at Angle.

Beer Money are backstage heading into their dressing room, and Bobby Roode got James Storm a present…a new beer scooter!

X Division Title Match: Trevor Lee vs Tigre Uno

Tigre tries to get the match off to a quick start, and succeeds by knocking Lee to the floor and wiping him out with a twisty dive. He rolls Lee back inside and unleashes more of his scintillating lucha offense and gets a tornado DDT for 2. He gets Lee in a complicated stretch, but Lee gets out and turns Tigre inside out with a clothesline for a very close 2 count. Lee maintains control until Tigre knocks Lee to the floor with a leaping enziguiri and then hits a flying headscissors off the steps. Lee recovers and rams Tigre into the ring steps, then they head back inside where he hits a flying butt butt, then finishes Tigre off with the cradle driver.

Winner: Trevor Lee

And so poor Tigre Uno goes from being the greatest X Division Champion of all time to the back of the line for a title shot.

Beer Money comes to the ring as Storm rides his new Boozer Cruiser down the ramp, and we’ll see what’s on their mind after this commercial break!

We’re back, and Bobby Roode tells the Wolves to come down to the ring with a referee so they can become five-time champions. The Wolves don’t come out, but Decay does, and Rosemary says that the belts are pretty, but everything pretty eventually rots and dies. Roode reminds them that they’re not the champions even though they have the belts, but since they’re here, he says it’s time to fight. Beer Money goes out after Decay, and they brawl into the ring, the ref rings the bell, and we’re off!

Beer Money vs Decay

Beer Money traps Steve in the ring and Roode quickly puts him in a Sharpshooter, but Abyss breaks the hold and tags himself in. Abyss works Roode over in the corner, then Steve comes in and hits a running cannonball in the corner before hammering Roode with vicious crossface strikes. Roode finally gets the hot tag and Storm comes in and cleans house. All four men wind up brawling in the ring, Roode lays Abyss out with a blockbuster, double suplex on Steve, double suplex on Abyss, they do BEER…..MONEY, hit the DWI, and Abyss pulls the referee out of the ring before he can make the 2 count. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Beer Money by DQ

FINALLY, a referee FINALLY disqualifies somebody for doing that! Rosemary comes into the ring with one of the title belts, distracting Roode long enough for Steve to low blow him and then knock Storm out with the belt. Abyss gets Janice from under the ring, but the Wolves come out with chairs to chase them off. Decay hides behind Rosemary, and make their escape since the Wolves wouldn’t hit a woman. Davey gets a mic and tells Decay that they have something that belongs to them and the Wolves Nation. Eddie says they stole their belts and left them laying twice, but now they’re the ones running, so since they want their titles back, they’ll give Steve and Abyss a match where they can actually win them. Abyss says they’re on, and we can do this in Monster’s Ball right here next week. Eddie says it’s time to let the hunt begin.

Reby Sky is backstage and finds Dixie Carter, and she blows smoke up her ass and says Matt really just wants to help her. Reby really appreciates how at home Dixie has made her feel, and she just wants Dixie to keep how scary EC3 can be in mind when she makes her decision later. Gee, I wonder what she’s going to do.

Grado comes out of the crowd and gets a mic saying he has proof that he got screwed during Feast or Fired, but Eli Drake comes out with Manchester’s Greatest Security Team. He sends them down to take Grado out of here, and they turn out to suck at their job so badly that even Grado can outrun them, then they just stand there watching as he suckerpunches Eli and runs to the back.

Drew Galloway is backstage and says last time he faced Kurt Angle was about respect. This time is different because it’s on his home soil, and tonight, he’s beating Kurt Angle.

Madison Rayne vs Jade

Madison rushes the ring, goes after Jade, and spears her out to the floor. Jade powwows with the other members of the Dollhouse, so Madison takes them all out with a dive. Jade drills her with a martial arts kick as they come back inside, then unloads with more kicks. Jade gets a bow and arrow, but Madison rolls onto Jade for 2, then Jade takes control right back with a dropkick to the face. Madison hits a step-up enziguiri to turn the tide, hits a sliding clothesline in the corner, then comes off the top with a bodypress for 2. Madison knocks Rebel and Marti off the apron, Jade gets a rollup for 2, then hits the package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Jade

The Dollhouse puts the boots to Madison after the match, and Marti brings a chair into the ring, but before they can do anything, Gail takes out all three members of the Dollhouse by herself.

Grado finds Billy Corgan backstage and complains about how he was screwed during Feast Or Fired, and he needs Billy’s help getting his job back. Unfortunately, Eli Drake shows up with Manchester’s Greatest Security Force and they start to escort Grado out, but stop just long enough for Drake to knock him out with a hard right hand.


Kurt Angle vs Drew Galloway

They feel each other out with the usual waistlock and wristlock stuff to start, and all of a sudden, Angle pops Drew up and plants him with a back suplex. Angle tries to shut Galloway down with a side headlock, Galloway gets out and hits the ropes, and they take each other out with a double clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Drew comes off the top with a dropkick, but Kurt catches his foot coming down and gets an anklelock. Drew rolls out and hits the Future Shock DDT for 2. Drew clotheslines Angle to the floor, then goes after him, drills him with a couple of chops, and drops him chest first on the guardrail. Kurt pays him back with a Hacker Slam onto the ring steps, then they go back inside and Angle hits another Hacker Slam for 2. Drew hits a jawbreaker and charges Kurt in the corner, Kurt gets his foot up, but Drew catches the foot and hits a sort of inverted Alabama Jam for 2. Drew puts Kurt on the top rope and hits a super air raid crash, makes a cover, and Angle is somehow able to kick out at 2. Angle pops Drew over with a German suplex, Drew escapes another Hacker Slam and hits the Claymore kick, then he waits for Kurt to get up and hits another one, makes a cover, and Kurt STILL kicks out at 2. Drew goes for a top rope dropkick again, Kurt moves, and he goes to the rolling German suplexes. Angle hits another Hacker Slam, he goes to the top and hits a splash for 2. Angle goes to the anklelock, Drew rolls out, sidesteps a charge from Angle that sends him crashing into the corner, Drew hits a third Claymore, and Kurt still kicks out at 2. Kurt is bleeding out of his mouth, and Drew puts Kurt in the Motor City Stretch as blood is literally hanging off of Kurt’s face. Angle rolls through, goes back to the anklelock, Drew kicks free, and he goes back to the Motor City Stretch. Drew has his hips off the mat to put maximum pressure on Kurt, and Angle finally taps out.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Drew finally defeats Kurt Angle, but Angle sure made him work for it. Great match, and a shake and hug afterward. Angle raises Drew’s hand in victory to end the great segment.

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring with his entourage and demands that Dixie Carter comes out to the ring to give him an answer. Dixie tries to say that her door is always open, but Matt ignores her and says that he is her World Champion, and he can’t even say the name of the man who held the title before him. The fans do it for him and he tells them to stop, then says he hasn’t been this terrible person since winning the title like people say, but EC3 has made both of their lives miserable since last year, and to make both their lives easier, she needs to get rid of the cancer that is EC3. Dixie is hesitant, so Matt tells her not to be a flaky bimbo and orders her to fire EC3 RIGHT NOW. Matt and Tyrus back Dixie into the corner, but Spud comes out with mic in hand, and he says “I’ve got this, madam.” Spud says he isn’t the Matt HArdy he looked up to, but Matt says that if he’s not out here to be a character witness against EC3, he’s not welcome here. Spud isn’t disagreeing with anything Matt is saying, especially since he did most of the terrible things he’s done to him. Matt says that Spud is inconsequential and again orders Dixie to fire EC3, but Spud tells Matt to shut up. Matt tells Spud to go tell Dixie to fire EC3, but Spud refuses and says Matt Hardy seems a little jealous and scared of EC3, and is running like a little bitch. Tyrus suckerpunches Spud and lays him out with the Bodybag, and Matt says now he’s not asking Dixie to fire EC3 anymore, he’s commanding her to do it. They back her into the corner to intimidate her again, but EC3 chooses this moment to make his entrance. He tears his shirt off, stalks down to the ring, lays out Manchester’s Greatest Security Force, beats the crap out of Tyrus, and goes after Matt and Reby, who head for the hills. EC3 glances at Dixie and Spud as he leaves, and that’s it for this week’s show.

(Source: PWInsider)