TNA No Surrender PPV Results – September 9, 2012

– The 2012 TNA No Surrender pay-per-view kicks off with a look at earlier today when Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bully Ray arrived to the arena. We go to the opening music video with focus on the Bound For Glory Series.

– We’re live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida with Mike Tenay and Taz.

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

We go right to the ring and out comes Jeff Hardy. His opponent is Samoa Joe.

The bell rings and they lock up. They trade holds and Joe takes Hardy down first with a shoulder. Hardy goes to the floor to regroup. Both men are selling arm injuries. The crowd chants for Hardy as he comes back in. They lock up again and Joe takes it to the corner. Hardy ducks a clotheslines and kicks away in the corner. Hardy sends Joe out of the ring with a head scissors. Hardy goes for a dropkick but Joe stops it and brings Hardy outside. Joe slams Hardy’s face into the apron. Hardy blocks a shot into the steel steps and slams Joe into it. Hardy runs and leaps off the steps but Joe moves. Hardy regroups and runs back up to take Joe out.

Hardy brings it back in the ring and they trade shots in the corner. Joe with several right hands now. Hardy tries a counter but gets atomic dropped and then hit with a big boot. Joe with a backsplash for a close 2 count. Joe with another splash in the corner and a big kick to the head, sending Hardy to the mat for another pin attempt. Joe keeps Hardy on the mat now. Hardy fights up and out but Joe knocks him back to the mat. Hardy fights out again but Joe catches him in a big snap slam for a 2 count.

They trade shots on their feet now. Joe tosses Hardy back out to the floor. Joe runs the ropes and dives through, taking Hardy out again on the floor. Joe continues and brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Joe beats Hardy around and headbutts him. Joe with several rights in the corner now. Hardy fights back and kicks Joe in the gut before hitting an inverted atomic drop. Joe comes back but Hardy clotheslines him and they both go down. They get up and Hardy strikes first. Joe stops him and slams him to the mat. Joe misses the backsplash and Hardy comes back with a leg drop and dropkick. Hardy with a pin attempt. Joe blocks Twist of Fate but Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy covers for a close 2 count. Hardy charges in the corner but Joe catches him and slams him to the mat. Joe calls for the Musclebuster and picks Hardy up. Joe goes for the Musclebuster but Hardy fights him off. Hardy goes for a tornado DDT but it’s blocked. Hardy hits Twist of Fate and goes to the top. Joe cuts him off and grabs him for the Musclebuster. Hardy slides down and rolls Joe up for a 2 count. Hardy with a headlock takedown into an armbar on Joe’s injured arm. Joe breaks out and pins Hardy for 2. Hardy turns it around and rolls him up for the win. Hardy advances to the finals.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– Jeremy Borash is backstage plugging Twitter. James Storm walks in for an interview. Storm says he chose to face Bully Ray tonight for a reason – because he couldn’t get the job done last year. Storm says it’s his time, his destiny. Storm says he will then move on to Jeff Hardy and win. Storm says it’s his time to be Bound For Glory.

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

We go to the ring and out comes Bully Ray for the last semifinal match. Out next comes James Storm. The winner of this one will face Jeff Hardy in the finals.

A “Devon’s better” chant breaks out to start. Ray stalls after the bell rings. Ray runs his mouth to Storm and they meet in the middle of the match. Storm spits on Ray. Ray whines to Earl Hebner about this and goes to the floor. Ray grabs a Storm fan sign and tears it up. He throws a chair into the side of the ring before coming back in. They finally lock up and Ray takes it to the corner. Ray smacks Storm in the chest and Storm slaps him in the mouth. A “you got bitch slapped” chant breaks out now. They go to lock up again but Ray stalls some more.

Storm finally gets his hands on Ray and unloads on him. Ray goes back to the floor to regroup again. They lock up again and Ray takes it back to the corner. Ray with a big body shot and right hands now. Storm fires back and unloads with rights in the corner. Storm whips Ray into the corner and he goes down on his face. Ray rakes at Storm’s eyes and turns things around. Ray takes Storm from corner to corner. They run the ropes and Storm backdrops Ray before hitting him with a clothesline for 2. Ray goes back to the floor but Storm follows him. Storm slams him into the steel steps before they come back in the ring. Storm goes for the Last Call kick but gets hung up on the rope. Ray takes advantage and runs him over. Ray smacks Storm and continues the attack.

Ray applies a big bearhug now. Storm fights out but Ray runs over him with a big boot for a 2 count. Ray with a suplex and another pin attempt. Ray works Storm over in the corner some more. Ray argues with Hebner. Hebner backs him into the corner and tells him off. Ray splashes Storm in the corner and hits him with another big right hand to the face. Ray with rights to the face from the second rope now. Storm with a low blow and a powerbomb out of the corner for a 2 count. They both trade shots from their knees now. Ray dumps Storm to the apron but Storm kicks him in the head. Storm with a big crossbody from the top for another 2 count. Ray with a big sideslam for a 2 count. Storm with a crucifix pin for 2. Storm catches a big boot and hits an enziguri. Storm accidentally splashes Hebner and down he goes. Ray hits the Bubba Bomb and everyone is down now. Another referee runs down and Ray covers for a 2 count. Ray goes to the second rope for a splash but Storm moves out of the way. Storm accidentally knocks out the other referee with a forearm shot. Storm tries to wake Hebner up now. Ray misses a clothesline. Storm hits the knees to the gut on Ray but he falls into Hebner and he goes down again. Storm with the Last Call on Ray but the referee is out. Bobby Roode runs down and breaks a beer bottle over Storm’s head as the crowd boos. Roode puts Ray’s arm over Storm as Hebner barely wakes up for the pin.

Winner: Bully Ray

– After the match, Roode heads up the ramp with a smirk on his face while Storm, Ray and Hebner are still down in the ring trying to recover. We get replays and come back to Ray alone in the ring. It will be Ray vs. Hardy in the finals tonight.

– JB is backstage with Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher. She talks about how Tara is her best friend. Tessmacher says she’s the wrestler she is today because of Tara and she owes everything to her. Tessmacher says the loss to Tara on Impact was hard to her. Tessmacher says she needs this match to prove the student can beat the teacher.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

We go to the ring where announcer Christy Hemme is with referee Taryn Terrell. Out first comes the challenger Tara followed by TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher.

The bell rings and they lock up, going to the corner. They break and lock up again, going to the other corner and breaking again. Tara takes control and then they trade holds. More back and forth until Tara arm drags her across the ring. Tessmacher with a headlock takedown now. Tara with a headlock now as the back and forth continues. Tara with a shoulderblock. Tara blocks hip tosses with a backslide for 2. They trade pin attempts now and Tessmacher goes to the floor to regroup.

Tessmacher comes back in and Tara sneaks a pin in for 2. Tessmacher with a pair of arm drags now. Taryn separates them on the ropes. Tara and Tessmacher have words now. Tara slaps her to the mat. Tessmacher tackles her and unloads with right hands. Tessmacher fires back with more offense. Tessmacher with a clothesline from the second rope. Tara blocks a move and elbows her in the back. Tara with a splash in the corner and a sideslam for 2. Tara takes Tessmacher to the top for a superplex for 2. Another pin attempt by Tara. And another as she gets frustrated.

Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak but Tessmacher slides out and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

– After the match, Tessmacher extends her hand and Tara shakes it before leaving the ring. Tessmacher celebrates as we go to replays.

– We go backstage where Bobby Roode is being taken away by police. Hulk Hogan is yelling at him for ruining for Bound For Glory Series. Roode yells back at him when James Storm attacks. They brawl until Roode is taken away.

– We get a video looking at Austin Aries challenging anyone from Aces & 8s.

– We go to the ring and out comes TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. Taz mentions that Roode and Storm were both taken to jail. Aries is dressed in street fight clothes. He cuts a promo on Aces & 8s and says this is war so there are no rules. Aries tells the big man from Aces & 8s to come down and fight.

The Armbreaker (the former Luke Gallows) from Aces & 8s comes walking to the ring, taking his time. Aries stomps him as he tries to enter. The man keeps trying to get in the ring but Aries stops him. Aries sits up on the rope now and allows the man to come in. He gets on the apron and Aries dropkicks him off. Aries runs and kicks him back into the barrier. Aries goes to the floor and unloads on the mystery man. Aries whips him into the steel steps and continues the attack. Aries brings it back in the ring and unloads in the corner. Aries with a series of right hands. Aries tries to take the mask off but gets hit with a low blow and falls down to the floor.

Aries tries to come back in but gets knocked back to the floor. The Armbreaker works Aries over around the ring now. He throws Aries hard into the steel steps. The attack continues before he brings it back in the ring. Aries gets beat down in the corner before Armbreaker hits a big splash and a clothesline. He picks Aries up for a powerbomb and holds Aries in the air. Aries opens a bag of powder and throws it in Armbreaker’s eyes. Aries falls to the mat and unloads in the corner. Aries connects with a dropkick and the man goes down, rolling to the floor. Aries goes to the top and leaps out, taking the big man down on the floor. Aries fights the man on the ramp now. Aries goes down hard face first on the apron and the big man takes back control. He brings a steel chair in the ring and waits for Aries to get up. Aries hits him with a roll of coins to the face. Aries picks the big man up for a brainbuster and nails it. Aces & 8s storm the ring and beat Aries down now. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and many others run down now and even the odds. Nobody is left in the ring now but TNA wrestlers as Hulk Hogan comes walking down with a baseball bat.

Hogan wants Aces & 8s removed from the building and the place locked down. Bully Ray alerts Hogan that Jeff Hardy is down. Taz recalls seeing one of the Aces & 8s taking Hardy down during the brawl. Hardy is clutching his shoulder as trainers come down to check on him. Hogan tells security to lock the entire arena down and calls the police. Hardy is taken away by trainers as Ray looks on and the fans chant Hogan’s name. Taz and Tenay show us a replay of what happened during the brawl. Jeff Hardy was sent shoulder first into the ring post by one of the Aces & 8s members. Tenay and Taz wonder if Hardy will be able to compete in the Bound For Glory Series finals.

– We get a video package for tonight’s X Division Title match.

TNA X Division Title Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion

We go to the ring and out first comes Sonjay Dutt followed by the TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion. The bell rings and they lock up with back and forth. Sonjay mounts some offense and clotheslines Ion out of the ring. Ion drops Dutt’s throat over the top rope and comes back in. More back and forth action. Dutt with a quick head scissors takedown to send Ion out of the ring. Dutt with a baseball slide dropkick and a head scissors on the floor.

Dutt springboards in but Ion catches him with a knee to the gut. Ion keeps control and works Dutt over in the corners. Ion chokes Dutt on the ropes and goes for another pin attempt. Ion with another blatant choke in front of the referee. The cameras go outside and we see several police offers arriving for the lockdown that Hogan called for. Ion with more offense and a knee to the head for 2. Dutt fights in from the apron and catches Ion with another head scissors, sending him to the floor. Dutt runs the ropes but Ion catches him with a shoulder coming in. Dutt counters and makes another comeback. Ion with an elbow in the corner but Dutt runs behind him and turns it around. Dutt with a hurricanrana. Dutt misses a kick but hits a moonsault pin for a 2 count. Dutt ends up top and Ion climbs up for a superplex. Dutt with right hands. Dutt sends Ion flying from the top out to the floor and he lands hard. Dutt with a moonsault to the floor and Ion.

Dutt springboards in with a big elbow and a 2 count. Ion gets up and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Dutt springboards onto Ion’s shoulders but gets powerbombed. Ion goes right to a submission on the shoulders. Ion finally breaks the hold and they tangle. Dutt catches Ion and slams him on his face. Dutt climbs to the top for a foot stomp but rolls through. Dutt rolls Ion up for 2. Ion with a roll up now. They trade pin attempts again. Dutt with a submission of his own into a pin for 2. They trade holds again until Ion slams Dutt back on his face for the win.

Winner: Zema Ion

– We get a video promo for Bound For Glory.

– The cameras are backstage and Hulk Hogan is talking to police officers. He wants the place locked down and more cops called in. Hogan says if anyone tries to leave, cuff them and drag them out of here.

– JB is backstage with Al Snow and other trainers looking at Jeff Hardy’s shoulder. JB says they don’t have an exact update on Hardy’s condition when Magnus walks up. Magnus rips on Hardy for getting in on the brawl and putting himself in a situation when he has an important match coming up. Magnus addresses Rob Van Dam and says he will pay right now.

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus

We go to the ring and out first comes Magnus. His opponent Rob Van Dam is out next.

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Magnus slams RVD on the mat. They break and Magnus shows off for the fans but they boo. They lock up again and trade holds. They lock up again with more of the same. RVD kicks Magnus and takes him to the mat with a drop toe hold. RVD with more offense and a kick that sends Magnus out to the floor. RVD with a sliding kick before coming out to the floor. RVD whips Magnus into the barrier and drops his ribs over the top. RVD leaves Magnus over the barrier and goes to the apron for a kick. Magnus moves and RVD hits the barrier hard.

Magnus takes control now and brings it back in the ring for a pin attempt. Magnus with more offense and a clothesline for 2. Magnus continues the attack and works on RVD’s lower body. Magnus whips RVD hard into the corner and he goes down. Magnus goes for a Texas Cloverleaf and locks it in. RVD makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. More back and forth action. RVD stops Magnus with a spin kick and they both go down. RVD comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick. RVD with a leg sweep and a kick to the face. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and covers for a 2 count.

RVD with a springboard kick but Magnus knocks him out of the air. Magnus goes to the top but RVD cuts him off and slams him to the mat. RVD rolls again but Magnus knocks him out in mid-air. Magnus with a 2 count. Magnus goes for the Cloverleaf again but RVD counters and dropkicks him. RVD goes to the top for the Five Star Frogsplash and nails it for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– JB is backstage talking about how chaotic things are. He says more police are on their way. Borash brings in the TNA Tag Team Champions Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian complains about Hogan making them compete tonight. Daniels complains about all the crimes committed against them. Daniels says drinks are on him once they beat Angle and Styles tonight.

– We go to a video package showing events leading to tonight’s tag team match.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Kazarian and Daniels

AJ Styles is out first for his team. His partner Kurt Angle is out next followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels. Daniels has a drink with him on the way to the ring.

Angle starts things off with Daniels and they lock up. Daniels takes it to the corner and strikes first. Angle blocks him and returns right hands. Angle takes Daniels down and then back to the corner. Angle has part of his leg wrapped and Taz mentions a hamstring injury. Angle whips Daniels into the corner and he goes down. Angle with a big suplex for a 2 count. Styles takes a shot at Daniels and Angle knocks him back that way for another big right hand. Daniels goes down and Styles tags in for some double teaming.

Angle works Daniels over but he turns it around in the corner. Daniels with a headlock now. AJ fights out but Kazarian tags himself in. AJ catches him with a dropkick. AJ sends Daniels to the floor and hits a neckbreaker on Kaz. AJ with more offense before tagging in Angle. They hit a double back drop on Kaz that sends him high in the air. Angle beats Kaz back down and clotheslines him. Angle knocks Daniels off the apron and backs Kaz into the corner to tag in Styles. They double team Kaz some more. AJ with a big backbreaker for a pin attempt. AJ knocks Daniels off the apron again but turns around to a big right hand from Kaz. Kaz takes control and sends AJ flying across the ring. Kaz mounts AJ with right hands and tags Daniels back in. The champs double team Styles and Daniels kicks him out of the ring. Kaz works him over as Daniels makes sure the referee is distracted. Kaz rolls AJ back in and Daniels dropkicks him for 2.

Kaz tags back in and keeps AJ grounded on the mat with a necktie. AJ fights out with a right hand and chops. Kaz stops AJ from tagging and drops him again for another pin attempt. Kaz hits AJ with elbows and taunts Angle before tagging Daniels back in. Daniels with a big clothesline to the back of the head for 2. Daniels keeps AJ down with a headlock now. More double teaming by the champs. AJ fights them off and pushes them into each other. Angle comes in and cleans house with rights and clotheslines. Angle suplexes Kaz and covers for 2. Daniels attacks Angle from behind and holds him for Kaz. Angle ducks and Kaz hits Daniels. Angle with a pair of German suplexes as the third is blocked by Daniels. Angle ends up suplexing Daniels. Kaz comes in with a jumping DDT on Angle and he goes down. Kaz covers for a 1 count. Kaz drops an elbow and covers Angle again. Daniels comes back in and beats Angle down in the corner before taunting Styles.

More double teaming by the champs as Kaz gets another 2 count after a springboard leg drop. Kaz with a headlock on Angle now. Angle fights out but Kaz beats him back to the corner. Kaz goes to the top but Angle runs up and drops him from up high with an Angle Slam. Daniels and Styles tag in at the same time. AJ unloads and drops him over his knee for a 2 count. AJ with the leaping right in the corner. Daniels pushes him off and kicks him in the face. AJ counters the moonsault with an inverted DDT for another 2 count. Kaz with a huge dropkick that sends AJ back into the corner. They double team AJ but he clotheslines them both. Angle tags in and comes off the top with a big splash on Daniels for 2. Angle pulls his straps down and hits the Angle Slam on Kaz. Another one for Daniels. Angle covers Daniels but he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Angle applies the ankle lock to Daniels but Kazarian kicks him in the neck and breaks it. Kaz tags in as AJ springboards in with a clothesline. AJ takes out Daniels and works Kaz over in the corner. The champs double team AJ but he counters and hits the pele on Kaz but Daniels breaks the pin. Angle stands on the floor and applies the ankle lock on Daniels while he’s laying on the mat. AJ springboards in with a 450 on Kazarian but he barely kicks out at 2. Daniels kicks Angle off. AJ goes to the top but Daniels stops him. Daniels climbs up but AJ knocks him to the floor. AJ gets hung up on the top as Kaz climbs up. Kaz with a huge move from the top but AJ barely kicks out. Kaz mocks AJ when Angle runs in to make the save. Angle clotheslines Daniels and they both go to the floor. Angle is checked on by a referee. AJ tries for the Styles Clash but Daniels throws his martini in AJ’s face. Kazarian rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Kazarian and Daniels

– After the match, the champions head up the ramp celebrating as AJ recovers in the ring and we go to replays.

– We get a look back at the Bound For Glory Series Semifinals from earlier tonight.

– Cameras are backstage with Hulk Hogan talking to police. Hogan says this is the most important match of the night and they need to be on the lookout for Aces & 8s. Hogan tells them not to let anyone near the ring.

– JB is backstage with Bully Ray. JB says Jeff Hardy is behind closed doors and they have no update on his condition. Ray says the Aces & 8s crap has to stop and stop now. Ray says just a little part of him feels bad for Jeff but either way, Ray was going to beat him tonight. Ray says he will go on to beat Austin Aries at Bound For Glory. Ray talks about respect and how we must respect what he’s done in the past year, how he’s reinvented himself and everything else. Ray says we have to respect it. Ray says Jeff is on the tracks and he’s the locomotive. Ray says everyone else in TNA might be Bound For Glory but he’s Bully Ray, he’s destined for greatness. Ray walks off.

– We go back in the arena and the police officers begin to fill the ringside area.

Bound For Glory Series Finals: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

We go to the ring and out comes Bully Ray for tonight’s main event. The winner of this earns a World Heavyweight Title shot at Bound For Glory. Ray hits the ring and runs the ropes as Jeff Hardy’s music hits. It plays for a few minutes but he doesn’t come out. The fans chant for Hardy and his music starts up again. Hulk Hogan comes out instead.

Hogan hits the ring and says they have a problem. Actually he has a problem with Ray. JB holds the mic for Hogan so he can have a chat with Ray. Hogan talks about the attack from Aces & 8s earlier. It sounds like he’s insinuating that Ray had something to do with it but he doesn’t directly say it. Ray takes the mic and defends himself. Ray says he wants to win this tournament and so does Hardy. Ray says he can’t help what happened and if Hardy can’t answer the bell, what can they do? Hogan says if Ray really feels how he says he does then he won’t let the referee ring the bell, he will let Hogan give him until Impact to get the match together. Hardy’s music hits and interrupts their conversation. Hardy comes out and he’s in pain from the earlier attack.

Hardy takes his time getting around ringside and slowly gets in the ring as the bell sounds. Hardy gets the fans hyped. He has one arm all wrapped up. The knuckle up and here we go. Hardy strikes with a kick attempt and winces in pain. Hardy avoids Ray for a minute or two but Ray gets him and works him over. Ray beats Hardy some more and he ends up on the floor. Hardy comes back in but Ray splashes him in the corner and beats him down. Ray stomps away and Hardy ends back up on the floor as the referee counts.

Hardy comes back in but Ray continues the attack. Ray works on Hardy’s arm and splashes it for a 2 count. Ray drops Hardy again for a third pin attempt. The crowd chants for Hardy as Ray applies a submission to the injured arm. Hardy goes down but gets back up with kicks. Ray stops him and beats him back down. Ray tears the tape off Hardy’s shoulder and pulls him around by it. Ray drops an elbow drop and covers for another 2 count. Ray with a big chop and slap to the chest. Hardy rolls from a back splash and tries to fight back. Ray catches a kick but Hardy kicks him with his other. Hardy with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere. Hardy goes up top and hits a Swanton for 2.

Ray blocks another Twist of Fate and hits the Bubba Bomb but Hardy kicks out at 2. Hardy with boots in the corner and Whisper in the Wind for another 2 count. Hardy with another shot out of the corner but Ray moves and he lands hard. Ray hits the Bubba Cutter but Hardy kicks out again. The crowd chants for Hardy again. Hardy with another Twist of Fate. Hardy misses another Swanton. Ray with another Bubba Cutter for another 2 count. More back and forth. Hardy with yet another Twist of Fate. Hardy crawls back to the top but Ray cuts him off. Ray with a big chop. They trade shots on top and Hardy unloads, sending him to the mat. Hardy hits a Swanton for the win. Hardy is going to Bound For Glory.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Jeff Hardy

– After the match, Hardy celebrates as the pyro goes off. Hardy hits the corners to pose for the fans as we go to replays. No Surrender goes off the air with Hardy celebrating.