TNA Xplosion Results – May 14, 2024

TNA Xplosion Results – May 14, 2024

Aired: May 10th (TNA Plus) & May 14th (YouTube)

Allie Katch vs. Tasha Steelz

Match starts off with them battling for a lock up before Tasha Steelz goes behind and messes with Allie Katch.

Katch evades and drops an elbow on Steelz’s back then drops her with a Scoop Slam, powerslam and a splash.

Steelz grabs Katch’s hair hard enough to distract her and hits a back elbow.

Tasha lays in multiple chops on Katch and kicks Katch in the head setting her up for a PK Kick to the chest. She puts Katch in Rings Of Saturn but Katch gets to the rope.

Katch starts fighting back but Steelz shuts it down with a headbutt and goes for a bulldog which Katch reverses but Steelz gets it anyway then a cover but Katch kicks out.

She starts laying shots on Katch before she gets Steelz off and crushes her with a huge Splash in the corner and a hip attack followed up with a cannonball.

Katch picks up Steelz but Steelz yanks her to the ropes and hits a Draping DDT.

Steelz went for a cover but Katch kicks out then Steelz starts taunting her but it only fuels Katch.

They start striking off before Katch hits a huge kick to the head but Steelz follows up with a shot of her own. Katch hits a Sitout Driver.

Steelz kicks out so Katch goes for a Piledriver but Steelz reverses and goes for a Cutter.

She doesn’t get it but hits Blackout to put away Katch.

Winner: Tasha Steelz