Tom Phillips Comments On RAW Announce Team Return, Backstage News

Tom Phillips took to Twitter today to comment on his return to the WWE RAW announce team.

“This weekend brought to you by Lemsip, Halls, Ricola, and the Starbuck’s Medicine Ball (just found out what that is). I sound like Jason Beghe now,” Tom tweeted. “In all seriousness, I’m sincerely grateful to everybody inside and outside of WWE that have supported me. Thank you!”

As noted, Vic Joseph was reportedly pulled from the red brand announce team for unknown reasons this past weekend as WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler called the Royal Rumble RAW matches with Tom, who is replacing Vic. Byron Saxton was added to the team last night on RAW, making it a three-man announce team on Monday nights once again.

Phillips confirmed that he has been sick, which was apparent during Sunday’s pay-per-view. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the decision to have Tom permanently replace Vic was made in the last week some time. WWE has had plans for Saxton to return to the RAW announce team for a while now. It looks like Lawler, Phillips and Saxton will be the RAW announce team moving forward, despite plans that were reported on late last year. We noted last year how WWE had plans for Lawler to be a short-term addition to the RAW announce team, but now WWE has plans for The King to be a longterm member of the team.

Stay tuned for updates on the RAW announce team situation. You can see Tom’s full tweet below: