Tommaso Ciampa Considers NXT “Home” Despite Being On WWE’s Main Roster

WWE star Tommaso Ciampa recently spoke on El Brunch de WWE to talk about a variety of topics. He talked about what WWE NXT meant to him and his career as one of the best NXT stars during it:

“It’s an honor, NXT was my home for a long time, I still kind of consider it home, to be honest with you. That black and gold brand specifically, the stuff that we were able to do and create, you know, it’s gonna hold a very special place in my heart forever. I feel like we got to write our own story there and that’s the coolest part to me and Johnny and Undisputed Era and Finn while he shared it with us is so many of us, you know, Alistair and everybody. As a wrestler, I think the coolest thing you can do is leave behind some sort of legacy and a story that you’re proud of and what we did as DIY specifically with The Revival and then the Cruiserweight Classic and splitting up in our feud like that’s something I was very hands-on with I got to give a lot of input to it.”

You can watch the complete show below:

(H/T to SportsKeeda)