Tommaso Ciampa Staying In NXT?, Killer Kross Comments On Variety

– In an interview with, Tommaso Ciampa talked about his neck injury and if he’ll be on RAW or Smackdown when he returns:

“I don’t know if people think I’m going to Raw or Smackdown, but here’s a spoiler– I’m not. I’m going to NXT. If somebody tries to tell me anything else, I’m answering them with a no.”

– In an interview with, Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross commented on wrestling cards needing to have a variety of styles:

“It wouldn’t be conducive to a successful show to book eight or nine matches all of the same style,” Kross stated. “People get burned out after 30 minutes. How many times can you see a flying something before the audience stops reacting? …For instance a little bit of comedy, a technical wrestling match, a big man match, a hybrid lucha libre-style…On a seven-to-nine match card there’s enough room to put those players in there. Then if you want to top it off with a crazy name where everything is in there, you put Pentagon in there.”