Tommasso Ciampa Addresses His Main Roster Appearances

During an appearance on the State of Combat podcast, Tommasso Ciampa talked about his appearances on the main roster earlier this year:

“As far as Ricochet, Aleister (Black), myself and Johnny Gargano being on the main roster, there wasn’t a lot of explanation, to be honest with you,” Ciampa explained. “Sometimes, there are spots that need to be filled and you just have to be at the right spot at the right time or the wrong spot and the wrong time, whatever it may be and it just so happened that this scenario for us it was one of those things where NXT was not on television at the time and we were heading into WrestleMania weekend and that sprint during WrestleMania season is insane in WWE. I think that they just needed spots filled and thought it was a good opportunity to get more eyes on our product, us four in particular, going into one of our biggest pay per views.”

“I don’t know how it fell into the NXT storyline or didn’t. I have confidence that it would have all played out so that people… because I did see some negative backlash where Johnny and I were in a feud and here we are coming in as a tag-team, DIY at the time, Johnny and I were not in such a bitter rivalry, we were kind of starting to get on the same page, I don’t know. Maybe it would have played out a certain way, I think it would have. I kind of trust the process here, but yeah, I don’t ask a lot of questions, I just go out and do my job and at that time my job was to show up and perform on Raw and perform on SmackDown and do my job.”