Toni Storm Discusses the Differences Between NXT and the Main WWE Roster

Toni Storm recently spoke with TalkSport for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Storm discussed her time in WWE and the differences between WWE and NXT. Here are the highlights:

NXT being different to the main WWE roster:

“It’s a totally different thing. Even NXT in America I felt was a vastly different thing to what it was in the UK. I felt like it was different. It’s all different people running it. A whole different group. So your day will be totally different. I had a great time in NXT, but obviously it was time to move on from that. I felt an overwhelming pressure to move to the United States and find success in wrestling, so there I was. All great experiences.”

AEW failing to get Japanese women on the Forbidden Door card:

“I’m sure the ideal plan would have been to have a girl come over from Stardom but I do believe they have a pay-per-view on that day and also, like VISAs and stuff I would imagine with COVID – I don’t know. The best they’ve got is Toni Storm [laughs] don’t worry, I was in Stardom. Leave it with me!”