Tony Khan Addresses Unprotected Chair Shot At Fyter Fest

During a post-Fyter Fest media conference, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the unprotected chair shot to the head that Cody Rhodes took from Shawn Spears:

“We called the doctor immediately, it was obviously really regrettable what happened,” Khan said. “I don’t know if this is the time to go into what happened but we had taken precautions in this situation – in that specific situation. A doctor was available and Cody does not have a concussion, he has staples, and we’re all very grateful for that.”

Khan also addressed if the level of violence at Fyter Fest would continue on weekly AEW TV shows:

“No, definitely not. This was not TV, it was a streaming show. It was effectively a PPV in a lot of the world. In the US, it was presented free, but this was a PPV. You can expect different rules for PPV and we said going in these are non-sanctioned hardcore matches.”