Tony Khan Believes Social Media Engagement Produces “Healthy Competition” In Wrestling

Tony Khan spoke with The Rocker Morning Show on WRKR 107.7 about the competition between WWE and other brands like WCW and AEW over the years.

“In the 90s, certainly, I do think a lot of that helped fuel the wrestling economy but it was a very different time. Things weren’t all online, everybody wasn’t online all the time. It was a very different time for wrestling and a different time to be a sports fan, I think. And it’s changed for sports but I think that those rivalries and those debates in sports are pretty healthy and I think for wrestling too, for better or for worse, it’s a big part of wrestling fandom now. It definitely is a way that people keep up on the shows and watch the shows and for me, I’m a big, big fan of that. I love promoting the shows online and I know that our wrestlers are really engaged socially and it makes for healthy competition, I think.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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