Tony Khan Discusses How Far Ahead He Plans Matches and ROH’s Status

AEW President Tony Khan recently appeared on the In The Kliq podcast in an interview covering all things pro wrestling.

Here are the highlights:

How far in advance he plans matches:

“Well, I was thinking about that through the summer, about All Out, Grand Slam, and then building towards Full Gear. You have to be on your toes in this business and all sports because injuries happen, unexpected circumstances happen, and plans change. So we’ve been ready to make changes as things happen, as injuries happen. Right now the roster is very healthy, very strong, and it’s coming together for one of the best events we’ve ever put together. So you know, you always have to be ready, watching, having plans in place, but then keeping an eye on what’s happening. In this case, certainly, there were some unexpected circumstances in the run up to Grand Slam. We tried to make the best of it and I think we have because now Grand Slam tomorrow night is our single highest grossing TV event we’ve ever done for ticket sales. We’ve already set our record gate for TV for tomorrow, and now I think it’ll be great viewership all over America, all over the world.”

The status of Ring of Honor:

“If we can get the weekly TV going again, it would be even stronger. So wherever it ends up, TV streaming, I would love to bring Ring of Honor back on a weekly basis and it’s a conversation I’m having with Warner Brothers Discovery pretty frequently.”

You can listen to the complete interview below: