Tony Khan Reveals Who Booked The Stadium Stampede Match At AEW DoN and More

During Saturday night’s post-AEW Double or Nothing media scrum, Tony Khan revealed who booked the Stadium Stampede match, and more. You can check out some highlights from the scrum below:

On who did the booking for Stadium Stampede: “It was the work, like a great film I think, of a lot of people. I’m glad you asked about the Stadium Stampede. We are all really proud of it. Everybody at AEW, we all took a hand in laying it out. It involves, like a lot of people’s ideas, and the fact that my dad and the Jaguars organization was kind enough to provide us access to the TIAA Bank Stadium, to make the Stadium Stampede a signature match of ours. We all put in ideas, we all sat down. The big spots in the match like, literally like Chris, Matt and Nick, Kenny, Matt Hardy, myself, we all put multiple ideas and multiple big spots in the match.”

On the match potentially being an AEW signature match: “You’ll probably — I hope [it] is a famous match that people talk about. And I think to us, it could be a signature match to us. I hope the Stadium Stampede can be really a signature match here in AEW and something people will always remember. You know when a band puts together a song and everybody has a part in putting it together, I think that was this. And we all had a lot of fun putting it together, especially because it was the first time some of us been together in a couple of months. It was like, really fun. We haven’t seen Matt and Nick, especially Nick in over two months. And then obviously with Kenny, and Chris, and Matt Hardy, we all been together all the time with Sammy and the Inner Circle guys. So it was, a lot that went into it and a lot of ideas. Chris is incredibly creative and obviously, the Bucks and Kenny, seen on Being the Elite every week, they had a lot of great stuff. And we just had a lot of fun.”

On the manpower needed to make the match happen: “I’m sure Chris will do a lot of podcasts on what went into it and the process, and all the time and a lot of people who helped. And there were so many people from the Jags organization that were very kind in helping us. And frankly, in this climate, I really am very grateful to everybody that came in and was a part of the show. And everybody who watched the show, because it looks like it was a very successful show.”