Tony Khan Says He’s Amused By Fans Thinking He Leaked AEW Full Gear Match Card

A photo from the Associated Press was published online of AEW President Tony Khan on the sidelines at a Jacksonville Jaguars game where he had a notebook that revealed the match card for the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view next month.

Only one match has been confirmed for the show, which is AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega defending the title against Hangman Adam Page.

Khan talked about this during an appearance on Busted Open Radio on Friday morning.

“Speaking of halftime, this weekend when I was at the Jags [game], I was doodling on my notebook and had written a bunch of matches on one page. I saw that a lot of people had taken notice of some of the notes in my notebook, which is pretty amazing because when you’re walking around with small notes, you never think that photographers are going to capture the small writing that you have written down.

“I’m glad it wasn’t anything more personal, but it’s funny that people run with assumptions on the internet these days. I’ve seen all of these people jumping to conclusions that, ‘Oh, that must be the Full Gear card.’ And it is true, I announced this week on [an interview with Barstool Sports] that Kenny [Omega] versus Hangman [Page] is the main event we’ve all been waiting for for Full Gear, it’s going to be a huge pay-per-view event and Kenny vs. Hangman is absolutely [the main event], but I had notes and I was just kinda messing around with different ideas and playing around with stuff. You could even see them, it’s like scratching around and it’s all written in pencil, it’s been erased, and I saw people [make assumptions] … [Tony’s feed briefly cuts out] … The fact that they were able to zoom in on that, I was a little surprised by it, but I’m also not thrown by it or discouraged by it. It’s gotten us a lot of buzz, so I was just amused by that viral story the past few days.

“I think it’s pretty fortunate because it’s gotten a ton of buzz and it’s got people really wondering now, and maybe they should be wondering. I think it definitely creates more speculation for anybody who’s been talking about it now, I’m going to leave you with more questions than answers.”