Tony Khan to Limit ROH Storylines on AEW Television

(Photo Credit: AEW)

During a media call to promote ROH Final Battle, Tony Khan stated that he will limit the amount of ROH storylines on AEW television and will address ROH’s future after Final Battle.

Some fans have complained about the amount of ROH they see on AEW television. With the exception of Chris Jericho’s ROH World Title storyline, Khan has attempted to limit the ROH stories to Rampage, but fans have criticized the decision, claiming that the ROH matches and stories detract from the already-stacked AEW roster.

The news from today’s media call may assuage some of the concerns expressed by fans who believe that too much is crammed into the weekly shows. Khan has been working on getting ROH on a TV/streaming platform, and there has been speculation that an announcement will be made soon.

The ROH Final Battle will be broadcast live on Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. Eastern on the Bleacher Report app and internationally on FITE TV.