Top 3 Stars Who Can Be The Next Face of the WWE

On Saturday night at a house show, Roman Reigns delivered a promo talking about his future. Roman mentioned that his time may be up sooner than later. Roman plans to move more towards Hollywood, but I don’t foresee this happening anytime soon.

This promo got a lot of fans thinking, myself included, what would happen when Roman leaves? More importantly, who would take over his spot as the face of the WWE? There are quite a few options, but here are just the top three.

3. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre proved during the Thunderdome Era that the WWE can count on him as the face of the company. When all the other big stars weren’t around, Drew McIntyre stood at the top of the mountain and held down the fort during one of the most challenging times in WWE’s history.

Drew McIntyre is loved by a lot of fans. He is the top babyface over on Smackdown, and people can see him as the top guy. For an immediate new face of the company, Drew McIntyre is the guy to go to. He has the size, and wrestling ability, and the company can market around McIntyre.

2. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is arguably the dark horse on this list. Rollins has not been in the championship picture in quite some time, but he is still one of the top stars on the WWE roster. Much like McIntyre, Rollins is beloved by a lot of fans and is still known to be one of the top workers in the WWE.

Rollins currently competes on the Monday Night Raw brand and has been embroiled in a rivalry with the returning Cody Rhodes. Rollins, win or lose, proves night in and night out why he is truly one of the cornerstones in the WWE. Seth Rollins would be a safe bet to take over the top role when Roman does inevitably leave.

1. Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is the current NXT Champion. Breakker has quickly taken over NXT and become a staple over there. While he is still young, the future is beyond bright for Breakker. Breakker is the son of former WWE star, Rick Steiner.

Wrestling has run through his blood since he was born, and it is easy to see that. Breakker has the look, ability, and all the tools needed to be the main star of the WWE for years to come. This won’t happen overnight, but if how he’s being booked on NXT is any indication, fans better get used to Bron Breakker.