Top Mexican Wrestling Star El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo Dies Following Match With Rey Mysterio & Others

Reports that El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, one of the Mexico’s top stars, died earlier this morning due to injuries he sustained during a match on Friday night, has been confirmed by the Mexico-based AAA and CMLL professional wrestling promotions.

Aguayo’s death comes after competing in a match on Friday night against former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, Tigre Uno and Manik. The video below shows Aguayo getting hit with a missile dropkick. He takes a bump, flops over and lands on his stomach before getting up and taking a scissors from Mysterio to the floor, twisting while running to go through the ropes. Aguayo comes back in the ring and is dropkicked into position for the 619. It’s possible Aguayo suffered the spinal trauma while taking the bump to the floor and then worsened the injury by coming back in and taking the dropkick. Once he falls into position, he’s clearly out of it. You can see that Rey never connected with the 619 and looked confused. They improvised as the referee checked on Aguayo. Konnan, who was on the outside of the ring, tended to Aguayo as did Mysterio at one point. The match ended and EMT’s came to the ring to tend to Aguayo and take him to an ambulance.

You can watch a video of the full match below:

News On El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo’s Death Being Investigated

Aguayo was initially reported to be in stable condition despite being unconscious, it was then reported that Aguayo later died at 1:00 AM local time.

AAA later confirmed the news on their official Twitter page, with AAA tweeting “The grief overwhelms our hearts. Rest in peace, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo.”

Rival promotion CMLL also tweeted a statement early Saturday morning joining the lucha libre community in mourning El Hijo’s death.

Prior to his death, Aguayo also competed in a tag team match against Mysterio at the AAA Rey de Reyes event, which was Mysterio’s first match since leaving WWE.

On behalf of everyone at, we would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo Cause Of Death Revealed, Why The Doctor Wasn’t At Ringside

  • Clark Taulman

    So will Rey be suspended? Will he be fired? Will the company ban the “619”, Or will he just be made fun of and be called a killer

    • Michael Schmichael

      I’d like to think the majority of us have more class and respect than that.

    • Me

      It was proven that during the setup of the move, Hijo got hit in the throat by the ropes before the maneuver was done. It was the rope that killed him, not Rey

      • gutturalgamer

        No, he died after the next morning. He didn’t die when he hit the rope he was just knocked out.

    • wrestlingcritic

      He didnt brace himself enough when he dropped onto the rope

    • Allison Johnson

      Shut the hell up you F’N moron!

    • Cody Cosmos

      While extremely unfortunate, it comes with the territory. Rey didn’t do anything dangerous, it’s just really unfortunate…

  • mike

    Damn that’s pretty shocking. Like the first comment I wonder what WWE will think about it. Seems like Rey just keeps having bad luck

  • Jarryd

    WOW, lucky this didn’t happen in a WWE, don’t get me wrong, still a very very terrible situation but imagine the mainstream attention the WWE would have gotten at a already troubling time. RIP

    • HOWwrestling

      Why is that “lucky”, and why are you making it about WWE?

      • Jarryd

        Yes my bad, I apologize. I should have worded it a lot differently.

      • Kwehrheim

        Because that would have been really bad for WWE, so it’s lucky that it didn’t happen in their ring? And the only reason 90% of people are even reading the story is because it involved Rey Mysterio.

        Are you really that stupid to have to ask those questions? Or was that all just feigned indignance?

        • Kyle

          Because it’s impossible that more than 10% of wrestling fans know anything about guys who have never worked in a major company in the states. Got it. I’m sure none of that indignance was feigned, because indignance is not a feeling you need to fake for either the original take or your similarly asinine comment.

          • Kwehrheim

            Good job pretending you actually responded. Or actually constructed sentences that had any real meaning.

          • Kyle

            “Or actually constructed sentences that had any real meaning.”

            Says you?

          • Kwehrheim

            Wow. “Says you?” Clearly I’ve angered one of the greatest minds of our generation here. Go home, junior. The big kids are talking.

  • Michael Schmichael


  • TheBoost

    So tragic.

  • alex ferns

    just goes to show people wrestling is not fake,and just goes to show we must live everyday to its full,#ripperro

    • Me

      Preposterous! This actually proves it IS fake, thats why the fight kept going. Notice after he was being tended to by spider dude, Rey and the other fighter (I dont know names, dont care) were waiting in the back for the guy to get setup (as they do with every move) again for the next move already choreographed? C’mon, dont be a simpleton, just enjoy live male soap operas.

      • alex ferns

        if thats what you believe well then fuck off wrestling sites you cunt, it is not fake ,scripted

      • Rob Collins

        so are you saying that he faked his death?

      • Zero Graviyu

        U dumb ass getvin the fucking ring and see the danger we endure every time we step foot in a ring.. What’s fake bout it?? I bet u got in ring with me Zero Gravity ( The Defiant One) I’ll show u jus how fake it is bud….

        • tobimobi

          I think what he means. Is that if this was in the UFC or boxing they would have stopped the fight when a guys was out instead of continuing and trying to wake him up like he was just passed out drunk.

          • Iain Robinson

            This is exactly why it’s the hardest ‘entertainment’ job in the world cos if you get hurt show must go on they obviously never thought it would be that serious otherwise it would have been stopped. Hate when people say fake, its that fake Rey has had God knows how many ops on his knees because of ‘pretending’ to wrestle same thing could be said about movies how can someone die/get injured on set its ‘fake’ idiots!!

          • tobimobi

            Just plain negligence Imo. He was out cold. Obviously wasn’t a work. Medical should have been on him within 30 seconds. That’s about when the others discover that he isn’t well. But he’s just left by himself. This would make criminal charges in my country.

      • HOWwrestling

        Thanks for clearing up that you don’t care to know the names of the other wrestlers involved. Because that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? You?


  • JohnCenaDropkick

    Just seen entire match. Not much can be said for the spot that killed him but boy oh boy how the incident was handle is going to get a lot of heat….

    • Guest

      You’re an idiot!

      • JohnCenaDropkick

        How’s that?

      • JP

        He’s right, there should’ve been medical personnel out there. A trained emt would not have let anyone just drop him from the ropes or let anyone try to shake him awake. All of that extra movement and his neck flopping around probably made the injury worse.

      • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

        Of course he is… look at his name!

        • Dime

          And look at yours… bareve rat.

          • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

            What about mine?! Oh you hate Reigns too? *round of applause*

  • Brik Bronski

    Looks like it was falling throat first on the rope…nothing to do with Rey

  • Mikael #Shield2.0


  • Kyle

    This is extremely unsettling and tragic news. Trying to contextualize the man’s death with how it will affect Rey’s future with AAA or what the impact would be if it happened in a WWE ring is unnecessary at this particular moment and, to a degree, tasteless.

    • mike

      People have a right to wonder whatever they want js. Yes the death is tragic but this is a comment section..people will say whatever they want. Nobody is laughing at what happened. It is sad that this happened I feel bad for both Wrestlers.

      • Kyle

        Sure, people have a right to wonder about whatever they choose, but speculating how the death of a man working in another promotion affects WWE (a company that doesn’t even see itself as a wrestling promotion any longer) mere hours after he’s passed away is about as dumb as it is tactless. As for how it affects Rey and the men and women who worked with Aguayo Jr? I suspect they are shocked and devastated, as is generally the feeling when one’s peer dies before their time.

        • mike

          I think people are just wondering what the backstage reactions are from people who are friends with Rey in WWE. Let’s not argue though. Maybe we’ll get some opinions in interviews or something. I apologize if I offended you and I hope everybody will be okay and pull through this tough time.

          • Kyle

            Not arguing, Mike. Just discourse. The WWE is not all things professional wrestling, so it doesn’t need to circle back to them in every discussion. Trying to pull WWE into the discussion is about as relevant as asking how NJPW or ROH or NOAH is affected by this. I’m sure people in those companies have a feeling or an opinion about what happened, but that’s such a tertiary matter here that it doesn’t even need to be discussed. I’m sure people close to Rey are offering their sympathies to him, and that’s probably about where it’s at today. Not everything needs to be subject to speculation, and not every issue needs a soundbyte.

          • mike

            Not like Rey Mysterio was in the WWE 13 years or anything. But ok dude. You win.

          • Kyle

            He was, and now he isn’t. This is not relevant.

          • mike

            Ok sorry

    • Dime

      I am sorry to say. But people will say what ever comes to mind. And in all honestly, that is the point of comment boards such as this.

      One, what will happen with Rey? Will he even want to keep wrestling after this?

      Two, I wonder how the WWE would of handled this same situation. We know they don’t mess around when it comes to a talent even seeming to be hurt in a match. Trainers and Medical are all over them in a quickness.

      Telling me, or, anyone for that matter they can’t ask that? Or state how they feel. Yeah … piss off, because it seems you can state just how you feel on the matter. So, more or less you are being a hypocritical asshat.

      • Kyle

        I don’t recall saying that you can’t ask these questions, as you asking these questions clearly demonstrates. What I said was that making a man’s death secondary to your need to know how this somehow affects another company is useless and unnecessary. Because it is. A man died in a horrible accident. What does WWE have to do with it? You’re more than welcome to comment however you please, as you continuously remind folks that this is a comment section, but it doesn’t mean that what you’re saying is any less dumb. Just because you *can* say something doesn’t make it valid.

        Will Rey want to continue wrestling? I’ll bet you anything that he doesn’t even know that right now. I’ll bet he’s mourning his colleague.

        Would this have played out differently if it happened in the WWE? Impossible to say, because this did not take place at a WWE event. You could take the direction of asking why the match went on for so long before they got Aguayo Jr. out of there or why certain measures weren’t taken or what could have helped prevent this, but no part of that discussion needs to be diverted back to how the WWE is impacted. Turning a real, tragic situation into a “what if” on the very day that it happened is just in poor taste.

        • Dime

          And as I said. It can go in any direction a person wishes to take it. Each has a right to ask WHAT IF. Each can ask what WWE thinks about it.

          It’s a persons death. And everyone has their own look on it, and would like to ask what if’s. End of story man. Nothing is irrelevant. Everything IS relevant. All there is to it. If you can’t handle that, sorry.

          Just because you feel people are side stepping and making his death second hand, that’s on you. Doesn’t mean it’s what is going on.

          • Kyle

            Everything is relevant? Believe that if you want, but no.

        • the best in the world

          Either way once again IF it did happen in wwe we all know for sure wwe would of stop the match if I recall in november 2013 wwe had a house show in london and aj lee collapsed during a match with brie bella the match was called off immediately she was taken to the back and was being evaluated it was because of dehydration and she was being monitored by WWE doctors through out the day and so on so there u go IF it did happen in WWE we all know the outcome and by the way WWE don’t have 1 doctor backstage

      • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

        Why you stressing? I’m sure if it was Roman Reigns, you wouldn’t be like this.. right?

        • Guest

          I like and dislike both RR and Cena. But the bashing is old. I know you hate it when people down talk RR. So why do the same thing to others who like Cena? Fair about, Fair game! Right?

          • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

            Yes the bashing is old for sure now!
            Cena is worse than Reigns though, he’s only good on the mic and that’s when he wants to be!
            And you mean turn abouts, fair play?

        • Dime

          I would be like this for anyone. I mean hell even Cena.

          • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

            Ok then

  • LGFFan

    Missle Dropkick hit him in the kidneys. hitting someone in the kidneys hard enough can knock them out. not only that but Kidneys can be easily ruptured by heavy force, his dropkick did connect pretty hard and i noticed in slow motion that when he fell against the ropes he hit it trachea first, if anything the dropkick is what caused all this to happen, a very bad botch on rey mysterios side. my theory is it may have even severed a main nerve.artery on his neck during the impact, again its very possible if he is brittle.

    • JP

      That kick landed squarely on his left shoulder. As far as how he fell on the ropes, it was perro’s responsibility to hit it right.

  • Brian M

    i don’t get why “fight” never stopped obviously no one had been trained to look for signs something was very wrong …even the “fighters knew something was not right but did nothing

  • Marsha Clark

    It was not Rey’s fault. He never finished the 619. This is wrestling people. You fall the wrong way you can get seriously hurt. Alot of people say wrestling is fake but it is real. Wrestlers can and have been Injured during matches but no one should be blamed. It is a business and was his job. May he rest in paradise. No blame should be put on anyone.

  • Andy

    Really odd, hopefully we will find out more later, Rey drop kicked him clearly on the shoulder, and he went into position for the 619, then his left knee drops and he is clearly dead or unconscious at that point. Very sad loss for everyone

  • Brandon taylor


  • richard williams

    this story is so tragic i think sometimes as wrestling fans forget the sacrifice that these brave men and women go through on a daily basis the first job of these wrestlers is too look after each other sometimes freak events like this happen this is so sad r.i.p

  • el NiNO

    I’m willing to bet the cause of death was suffocation from leaving him on his neck on the rope all that time

    • Kwehrheim

      I wouldn’t recommend making that bet, since that’s just about the dumbest thing you could’ve said.

  • Dan

    RIP, it’s sad to see things like this happen in wrestling.

  • RReigns15 #Shield2.0#ICanIWill

    First of all, why was Tigre Uno and Manik there in the first place? Aren’t they still in TNA? Secondly, whoever starts criticising and blaming Rey for this, check yourselves first alright! Probably the same sum ma ma bitches who like to hate on Reigns anyway.
    Thirdly but most importantly, this is tragic and frightening news. I hope the Ladder match at Mania is heavily brought to consideration now with just over a week left.

  • Arvin Valenciano

    Very tragic and just shows that as much as many think wrestling is “fake”, it is indeed real and I have the utmost respect for what these trained professionals put their bodies through everyday to do what they love to do and entertain the rest of us.

  • imsosly

    Nobody ever died in an NFL game… Look out mexican wrestling lovers, the left is going to take all the fun out of your ‘sport’



  • pupoyoyo

    look like rey will will not getting hof on wwe :(( sad he accident kill aguayo..

    wwe will put rey on chris benoit list….this both is legend should be hof

    • Abbey

      It was an accident and no one’s fault. Blaming anyone is ridiculous and wrong. Plus, there is no comparison with the two situations.

    • Kwehrheim

      The fuck? Rey was standing there getting ready for a spot when Perro hit the ropes too hard and gave himself whiplash. Benoit lost his mind and murdered his family. How the hell can you even try to compare the two?

  • teh_LoU

    Horrible, but why are Steph and paul tweeting about this? Perro nor his father ever worked for the E as far as I know, so why would they care?

    Are they just trying to bring more negative press to Mysterio because of the messy split they had?
    (conspiracy theory)