Top Takeaways from WWE RAW (10/17/22) and SmackDown (10/21/22)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The build continues on the road to Crown Jewel. With a few of matches made for the show. RAW saw a couple of returns this week, neither really impacting all that much. Smackdown continued along with another good show, giving us more questions about what is going on with Bray Wyatt.

WWE RAW (10/17/22)

Baron Corbin is back and is on RAW now. He is on RAW because of the trade made with Rey Mysterio. He is back with JBL seemingly as a manager. He had a match with Dolph Ziggler which was decent and ended up winning. So obviously this represents some sort of character shift in Corbin. Looks like he’ll be doing the modern-day “wrestling god” thing JBL used to do back in the mid 2000s. It could be alright, this is only one week, so it’s hard to judge at the moment. But hopefully, this is a lot better than what he had before.

Elias has also returned this week. Back to doing the guitar gimmick. It is the same stuff he was doing before, tries playing something and gets interrupted. This time it was Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins that interrupted. During the Riddle vs Rollins match in the main event, Elias got involved, accidentally costing Riddle the title. So what happens now? Hopefully something interesting with Elias happens because the same old trope that he was doing before will get old real fast. Can have him still do it sometimes, but have him involved in feuds, let him do some matches.

Miz and Dexter Lumis. So we finally found out that apparently Miz has done something to Dexter in order for him to be targeted, from Johnny Gargano. So it seems Gargano is getting involved in this. Before what was meant to be the match between Miz and Lumis, Miz attacked Lumis from behind during his entrance. Took him out with a steel chair. This has got to give some answers, maybe with Gargano involved it’s a way to be the “voice” effectively, and explain some of the reasoning. Some answers need to be given.

WWE SmackDown (10/21/22)

The Bloodline have taken out Sheamus. This is an interesting development because now it looks like a Brawling Brutes vs Bloodline feud will develop. This could be the one to lead to the men’s war games match. Originally the thought of who would be involved was different, but this could be great. When Sheamus returns to get his revenge, we could see him recruit Drew McIntyre to go against The Bloodline. So this could end up getting interesting, I could also see Ridge and Butch against The Usos, but next week they are facing Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn. Looking forward to seeing how this advances next week.

Liv Morgan looks to be going forward as a crazed lunatic. Which could be alright, she is doing whatever to her opponents. Her match with Sonya Deville ended via count out. Afterwards she used half a dozen chairs as a lading spot as she delivered a superplex onto them. I don’t know where this is going, it could be alright. Based on the fact that she is losing her mind after losing the title, it makes some sense at least. So we’ll see where its going.

Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma will have a match next week. It seems this will be the direction with most likely Legado winning the feud. But if Hit Row are to succeed, they will need a new leader. They will have a mystery partner next week, I could see this being Angelo Dawkins since they have a bond together. But there is a possibility that we see a call up. But on a random Smackdown against the first trios match with Legado on the main roster, probably not worth a call up.

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