Top Takeaways from WWE RAW (10/24/22) and SmackDown (10/28/22)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

This week in WWE was maybe slightly poor considering what we’ve been given so far since the new regime took over. But we still got some progression of storylines. With a couple of character changes and returns on RAW and Smackdown respectively.

WWE RAW (10/24/22)

Nikki Cross is back. Seemingly as her NXT crazed gimmick. I am a big fan of this move. She’s barely been relevant since coming to the main roster years ago. Hopefully this sees her get some much needed revitalisation now. She reappeared during the Bianca Belair vs Bayley match. Taking out the referee, along with Dakota and Iyo hitting a crossbody from the top rope to the outside. She was then the reason for Bianca losing the match to Bayley. However, after the match, she then attacked Bayley. So obviously not a set allegiance, which suits the character well. So I think it is something to look forward to.

Finally, we will find out why Dexter Lumis has been targeting The Miz on RAW this coming week. After Johnny Gargano was trying to get the truth out of Miz the entire show. Eventually Miz decided next week will be where it gets revealed. Considering how long this has gone without many answers, don’t know how many people will care but still should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Mustafa Ali and Seth Rollins look to be entering into a feud. It’s been teased over the past couple of weeks. But it doesn’t have the heat that it looks like they are going for, and Ali obviously doesn’t have the crowd on his side yet. Because of all his stop/start pushes over the years. But firstly it should be a fantastic match, and secondly if Ali is going to be on TV, it would be worth getting him into a feud with the U.S champion Seth Rollins. Now it could be just a match they do at Crown Jewel and no more than that, but it’s something I’d like to see.

WWE SmackDown (10/28/22)

The story of Sami Zayn and Jey Uso continues once again this week. In a fantastic segment after Sami and Solo Sikoa lost their match due to Jey getting in their faces and costing them the match. After the match things were getting heated. Then Roman Reigns came out. Everyone’s facial expressions told a great story, like the kids just got in trouble. Roman wanted them to talk out their issues. Jey ends up saying he doesn’t care what the tribal chief said. An amazing moment that was a shocker, and Reigns reaction was perfect. Sami tried to diffuse the situation between Roman and Jey. This is where Sami Zayn makes everyone crack up laughing by saying Jey hasn’t been very Ucey. It was awesome and watching Jey, Jimmy and Roman trying not to laugh was brilliant. Roman then states that if Jey can’t find his “inner ucey”, then Sami will become Sami Uso. Everything about this segment was so well done, while also being partly hilarious and just shows why this is the best storyline in WWE right now.

Emma is back. Ronda Rousey held an open challenge for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. A returning Emma answered the call. She looked very good in the match and showed herself well. The thing that is very odd, is having her come out and return, only to lose via tap out. I get that she’s losing to the champion, but if anything it does more of a disservice to Emma simply because it doesn’t showcase her in the best light. But I hope that she gets a fair run on the main roster this time. The big positive here is simply that it adds to the women’s division, that is what needs to happen, and there is more possible additions to the roster coming.

Bray Wyatt continues to string us along with what is probably the official showing of “Uncle Howdy”. Last week we were shown this character, but this week we saw it in a better light. As Bray is in the middle of his promo, that is where he gets interrupted by Uncle Howdy. Based on what was said it will be a multi-personality type thing for Wyatt going forward. And Uncle Howdy could be the darker side of Bray. However, we have yet to see “Uncle Harper”, which could end up being more of an angel on Wyatt’s shoulder so to speak. But we will see and once again, it will be very interesting to see where this goes. Because whatever Bray Wyatt is involved with is usually a fascinating prospect.

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