Top Takeaways from WWE RAW (10/31/22) and SmackDown (11/4/22)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

With the go home shows for Crown Jewel in the books, it’s probably a positive that this part of the year is over. Because this show being on the calendar ruins the flow of the shows. But it’s here to stay. But RAW was alright, and Smackdown was a good show, with an excellent Intercontinental Championship match.

WWE RAW (10/31/22)

Before their match at Crown Jewel, Booby Lashley and Brock Lesnar got into it after a interview went from talking to brawling real quick. Triple H came out with a bunch of security to break it up. It was a very nice touch, having him telling them both that if they touch, the match is off. Based off the build for the match, hopefully its more than a 5 minute affair with the basic stuff you usually see like their match at the Royal Rumble.

The reason has finally been revealed as to why Dexter Lumis has been targeting The Miz for what has been 2 months now. We finally have some sort of answer. According to Gargano who was interviewed in a “tell all” manner. Miz paid off Dexter to be a “celebrity stalker”. But then at some point Lumis stopped receiving payment, which has led to him getting back at Miz. It’s all very strange, but I guess if that’s the way to run with this, then so be it. But at least we finally have answers. Which I am assuming now will lead to a Dexter Lumis in ring debut.

The Women’s tag titles change hands again. Damage CTRL seems to have not worked as it should. Alexa and Asuka are now the champs. Clearly the re-introduction of these titles have not worked either. They have been dead most of the time and there are either no teams at all or basic makeshift teams of two singles wrestlers. Realistically the titles shouldn’t have been brought back until they had a solid division.

WWE SmackDown (11/4/22)

Rey Mysterio and Gunther went out in the main event and delivered an excellent match. Some great spots during the match, including a powerbomb that Mysterio turning into a hurricanrana in mid-air. Unbelievable spot there. But the match showed exactly why Gunther is perfect as Intercontinental Champion right now. Putting on fantastic matches and he’s doing his job as a heel. When he loses the title, (Should be to Sheamus at Wrestlemania 39) it will be a big deal and the crowd is going to love it when a babyface comes along and wins.

Bray Wyatt and his story continues to get more interesting. As he was speaking backstage, a producer in the background interrupted him. Bray was frustrated with him, and started getting really heated, then there was some visuals in and out while he was talking of Uncle Howdy and creepy things in and out, like his alternate personality was slowly coming out. But when the guy apologised, then things calmed down. It seems the multi-personality will be what affects Bray going forward, and I think we will eventually see this come out over the coming weeks.

LA Knight had a match with Ricochet, which was a great match. Knight came out to deliver a pre-match promo and it was great. Called out Samantha Irvin for getting his introduction wrong, called Ricochet a gymnastics joke. Then went and won the match, it was fantastic and LA Knight is the heel that Smackdown needed. I could see him being a very effective heel against someone like a Rey Mysterio. But looking forward to what he does next.

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